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Made with a combination of down tufts and feathers, down pillows deliver a conforming, plush response and impressive longevity.

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Cooling pillows limit heat retention using a combination of ventilation and materials to dissipate heat and help you sleep better.

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Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows are exacting and supportive. The category includes both solid and shredded memory foam options.

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Naturally breathable and free of chemicals, latex pillows offer support and temperature regulation throughout the night.

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Why the Right Pillow Matters

For many people, deciding which type of pillow they need is just as difficult as choosing a new mattress. Pillows provide crucial support to your head and neck each night, which affects how the rest of your body feels in the morning. The right pillow should relax you and relieve tension as soon as you lie down to ease winding down and falling asleep.

If you’re waking up with an aching neck or are struggling to get comfortable on your pillow during the night, it’s time to invest in a new pillow. You’ll give your head and neck proper support, keep your body in healthy alignment, and encourage deeper, higher quality rest.

Just starting your search? Consider your sleep position first. Although not a firm rule, a general guideline is that side sleepers generally benefit from soft pillows, while back and stomach sleepers often prefer firmer pillows. Our pillow selection caters to a wide range of budgets and sleep preferences, so you can find the right pillow for you.

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What type of pillow is right for you?

Down Pillows


Reminiscent of luxurious hotel beds, down pillows carry a certain touch of glamour. Other materials rarely match down’s soft, conforming nature, which makes down pillows unique. Down pillows contain down tufts mixed with down feathers, whereas feather pillows are filled only with feathers. A higher ratio of down tufts to feathers generally designates a higher quality pillow that insulates more efficiently. Though down is known for its warmth, it insulates without trapping heat, so your body is still able to regulate temperature.

Best for: Side sleepers, sleepers who move around a lot at night, sleepers who prefer a pillow that yields rather than pushes back

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Like mattresses, pillows can affect your temperature during the night. If your body is too warm, you’ll have a hard time logging quality rest. Cooling pillows are designed to dissipate heat so you sleep more soundly. They use features like airflow channels and ventilation cutouts, materials like gel memory foam or gel beads, and latex foam, which is naturally breathable. Our cooling pillow selection gives you a broad range of options to choose from, so you’ll be able to find a cooling pillow that both works for your sleep position and keeps you cool.

Best for: Sleepers sensitive to temperature or who live in warmer climates

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Cooling Pillows
Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam

The same features that draw customers to memory foam mattresses also draw them to memory foam pillows. When used in pillows, memory foam’s adaptable, exacting natures gives it a slower response time and more supportive feel when compared to softer down or polyfill pillows. It also doesn’t lose its shape over time, which is helpful for sleepers who stay in the same position for most of the night. Memory foam pillows are available in a variety of comfort levels from soft to extra firm, and shredded memory foam pillows offer more a more breathable, conforming feel.

Best for: Any sleep position, sleepers who want a pillow that doesn’t lose shape over time

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Latex foam pillows blend support with natural breathability and a chemical-free construction. Latex occurs naturally and doesn’t require any chemicals to be turned into foam, so it’s odor-free, and as an open-cell foam, it allows for consistent airflow throughout the night. Like memory foam, latex doesn’t compress as much as down or polyfill, and it doesn’t need to be re-fluffed throughout the night. Shredded latex pillows provide a more conforming feel without sacrificing breathability or support, and latex foam pillows are available in a range of comfort levels for different sleep positions.

Best for: Any sleep position, sleepers sensitive to temperature or chemical off-gassing

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Latex Pillows
Pillow Cases and Protectors

Pillow Cases and Protectors

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