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4 Ways to Stay Comfy When Working From Home

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We’ll admit it: staying home is a luxury, and we’re grateful for it. But as something we idealized before the fact, the reality of working from home isn’t always so pretty. With so many people on the front lines risking it all to keep us safe (shout-out to our essential workers), complaints about not having the right keyboard or not having a home office feel so…trivial. Nevertheless, we think there’s always room for a little more comfort—even for those of us working from home.

Here are five easy ways to stay comfier than ever while working from home.

1. Get your setup right

Even the smallest changes to your desk setup (or lack thereof) can make a huge difference in your work-from-home comfort. If you’re new to the work-from-home life, a laptop stand, an extra monitor, or an ergonomic mouse or keyboard are just a few simple and inexpensive ways to elevate your setup. Your back—and your wrists—will thank you.

2. Customize your space

Speaking of elevating your work-from-home setup, it doesn’t get more comfortable than an adjustable base. According to a recent survey, 57% of people admit to having worked from bed. If you’re one of those people, an adjustable base will allow you to customize your foot and head positions to your liking so you can sit up during meetings and still lie down for that afternoon nap. Plus, you’ll be reaping the benefits long after 5 p.m.—adjustable bases can help increase circulation while you sleep, reduce snoring and may even help relieve back pain.

3. Dress the part

You’re working from home and your video is off during those virtual meetings, so who cares what you’re wearing, right? Wrong. Nobody expects you to be wearing a three-piece suit at home, but that old t-shirt from high school probably isn’t going to put you in the most…professional of moods. 36% of people admitted to wearing PJs or comfy clothes while working from home, which we totally endorse. But we recommend some comfy clothes that will make you feel put together, like a nice pajama top and bottom or a matching loungewear set.

4. Have a seat

When in doubt, add a cushion (Is that a thing?). Not only is it scientifically proven that sitting down all day is bad for your body, sitting on a hard, 90-degree surface is even worse. Whether you choose to add a supportive pillow, a balance ball chair or a Purple seat cushion, we promise you’ll feel the difference.

However you feel about working from home—excited, distracted, bored or absolutely thrilled—it’s never going to be quite the same as being in the office, so we might as well make the most of it. These tips will make it easier than ever to get comfy while working from home. Trust us—you’ll feel the difference before your next Zoom meeting.

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