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Buying Guide: Pregnancy

buying guide best mattress for pregnancy

If you are, or ever have been an expecting mother, you probably know the struggle of getting some shut-eye with your growing bump. Nights are spent tossing and turning as you wrestle to get comfortable, only to find yourself wide awake and frustrated. If this sounds all too familiar, it may be time to try some sleeping tips or even  invest in a new mattress.

Best Mattresses for Pregnancy

There are several mattresses that will help you get better sleep with your growing baby bump. One of your physicians first recommendations might be to start sleeping on your side, which means you'll want plenty of support to relieve any pressure from your neck or back. Here are a few suggestions:

Serta iSeries Hybrid 500 14" Cushion Firm Mattress


With a mix of soft and firm, this Serta iSeries Hybrid mattress offers any sleeper a great night's sleep, especially if you can't sleep while pregnant An extra-thick layer of memory foam will contour to your body shape for custom support while also helping keep allergens away, a key benefit to sleep and health during pregnancy. The 886 Pro-Support™ Coil System innerspring core also helps to provide the support you need so you don't sink into an extra fluffy mattress.

Simmons Beautyrest Greenwood 9.5" Firm Mattress


Another great option for those seeking better rest and the best mattress for pregnancy is the Beautyrest Greenwood 9.5" Firm Mattress. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, you'll love the luxury firm comfort and support of this mattress. The Beautyrest Greenwood Firm mattress is designed for maximum pressure point relief. The 850 Density Pocketed Coil® technology in the support core lets the individually wrapped coils shift with you as you move slightly in your sleep, yet moving independently to reduce partner disturbance. And the top layer of the mattress is infused with a natural fiber that helps wick away heat and moisture.

Once you have found the perfect mattress to help you snooze through your pregnancy, you're on your way to a great night sleep!  Create a sleep sanctuary with these essential snooze accessories and tips for expecting mothers.

Adjustable Bed

During pregnancy, your doctor might recommend that you spend a few hours each day with your legs above your heart to ensure proper blood flow. An  adjustable bed frame allows you to prop your legs up by raising the lower end of the bed, or prop your head up by lifting the top end. Talk about the ultimate pregnancy accessory!

Leggett and Platt 100 Series II Adjustable Base


Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy sleeping pillows are large pillows that are available in many shapes and sizes, with each type having different benefits. They're specifically designed to help expecting mothers sleep in a fetal position while offering support for their growing baby bumps and other areas of the body.

Mattress Pad Protectors

Pregnancy wouldn't be complete without the all-too-familiar night sweats and morning sickness. A  mattress protector is crucial during this time to help ensure that your mattress stays clean and dry. For pregnancy and beyond, mattress protectors shield your mattress from liquids, dust mites and allergens and provide a barrier that goes on like a fitted sheet. They are breathable, removable and machine-washable for easy upkeep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much sleep does a pregnant woman need?

Doctors at The Mayo Clinic suggest adults should get an average for seven to nine hours of sleep per night. However, according to the  National Sleep Foundation, pregnant women typically need a couple more hours of sleep to accommodate the increasing demands of pregnancy. This can be accomplished by going to bed a little earlier or by taking small naps throughout the day.

What are the best sleep aids for pregnancy?

  • Pillows: Pillows serve many helpful functions during pregnancy. Use pillows for back and belly support, to prop you up to avoid heartburn, and for hip relief.
  • Food and drinks: What you eat and drink can affect your quality of sleep. Try warm milk or a high-protein snack before bed to avoid bad dreams, headaches and body sweats.
  • Medications: There are several over-the-counter remedies that are helpful sleep aids like Benadryl and Unisom. However, always talk to your doctor about medicine before taking anything.

How does a lack of sleep during pregnancy affect the baby?

According to  research, a lack of sleep during pregnancy can lead to complications at birth, such as low birth weight and pre-term births. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found that “the link between birth complications and expectant mothers' sleep appears to be in disruptions to normal immune system function, caused by insufficient and low-quality sleep." Sleep is always important, but it's crucial during pregnancy.

Make the Most of It

Being put on bed rest can make for a difficult time. Do your best to get organized before and make sure everything you need is in reach – your phone, laptop and other electronic devices. Make sure you're comfortable with blankets, pillows and cozy sheets. Beat boredom by completing relaxing tasks that require minimal effort, such as reading books and watching movies, learn relaxation techniques for labor, plan weekly meals or update your family budget. Accept help from others who offer and seek support if you need it!

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