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Bunkie Board 101

When it comes to sleep, sometimes it can be a challenge to understand what your bed really needs. How do you know if you are choosing the right products for your bedroom? Especially if you have a low profile bed or don't want your mattress to cover up too much of your headboard, a bunkie board may be just what you need! And they're not just for you—if your kids sleep on a bunk bed, we recommend bunkie boards to properly support their mattresses.

What is a bunkie board?

Used to provide a thinner foundation, bunkie boards can serve in lieu of a box spring or an adjustable base. Bunkie boards are normally recommended for foam mattresses and only add around two to three inches to your bed, reducing the total height of a sleep set.

When space is an issue (think bunk bed or trundle bed), bunkie boards are the perfect solution. They can provide the support your mattress needs without adding extra height.

What are bunkie boards made of?

Bunkie boards are normally cloth-covered plywood boards. The foundation is intended to go unnoticed, so the upholstery is typically flat with muted colors. With a slim, simple appearance, bunkie boards can add support to your bed without the extra height or visibility.

Why do I need a bunkie board?

Over the past few years, the demand for bunkie boards has risen steadily. Bunkie boards can be used with mattresses of all sizes, especially with beds that have lateral slats on the base. The slats can dig into a foam mattress, causing it to age quickly. Bunkie boards can help increase the lifespan of a mattress all while maintaining proper support.

Where can I get my bunkie board?

Whether you are setting up a new bunk bed, or just looking for a way to increase mattress longevity, consider using a bunkie board from Mattress Firm for your bed. Stop by your nearest store location, and we'll help you find the perfect bunkie board to support your soundest snooze.

At Mattress Firm, we want you to get your best night's rest—and bunkie boards are an affordable way to support your mattress with a slimmer, lower foundation for your sleep space. For more information, visit mattressfirm.com.

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