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What Should You be Looking for in a New Mattress?

At Mattress Firm, we are very proud of the variety in mattresses we offer. One thing we can't forget is while options are a necessity while mattress shopping, they can also be very overwhelming. There's no reason to be intimidated though — a Mattress Firm employee can help you find the best mattress for you. Finding the right mattress is critical to building healthy sleep habits, there's a lot of pressure to find the perfect one.

From size, comfort vs. support, features and technology, there's a lot to choose from. Here is a simple breakdown of the different options, along with some advice. Follow these and you'll be daydreaming about your mattress for (8!) years to come.


First things first, you have to decide what size will be fit best. We have discussed this in the past, but size is a huge factor in mattress satisfaction. There are five points to consider before deciding on a mattress size.

  1. Your new mattress size should be long enough to accommodate the tallest person who will be sleeping on it.
  2. Your new bed should be wide enough for you to fold your arms behind your head without having them fall over the edge of the mattress.
  3. Keep in mind that the bed you need today may not be the one you'll need tomorrow. If you're planning on getting a pet or having children, you may want to consider something bigger to make room for snuggle time.
  4. If you're planning on moving into a larger (or smaller) bedroom space in the next eight years, be sure to plan accordingly.
  5. Keep any health issues, like chronic fatigue syndrome, GERD or sleep apnea, in mind!

Features & Technology

All the different mattress features and technologies can make mattress shopping difficult, but again, a Mattress Firm employee can guide you along the way. You may wonder, how do I know what each "technology" is supposed to do, much less, how do I choose?! With Mattress Firm's focus on customer service, we're here to give you the details on each to help guide you in your mattress buying:

  • Innerspring features a support system made of coils that are wired together covered by upholstery or padding. Coil counts vary, but the idea is that the greater the number of coils, the more points of support and greater distribution, thus the better the bed can contour and support the sleeper
  • Pocketed coil differs from innerspring in that the coils are individually wrapped in a fabric encasement and each coil preforms independently from the others. This allows for each pocketed spring to react as needed, responding quickly to movement and conforming to the contours of your body.
  • Memory foam is made of polyurethane foam, which conforms to your body by reacting to its natural pressure and heat.
  • Gel memory foam is made of gel beads that are infused into a memory foam, this creates an open cell structure that promotes air movement. The heat from your body will dissipate instead of collecting in your mattress, topper or pillow.
  • Pillow top mattresses feature an additional layer of padding stitched right on top of the mattress.
  • Euro top is very similar to a pillow top mattress, the extra layer of padding simply lines up directly with the edges of the mattress, creating a flush uniform appearance.
  • Hybrid mattresses combine an innerspring system with memory foam to deliver the benefits of both. Hybrids allow sleepers to enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort.

Comfort & Support

Firm top? Plush? Pillow top? What are you looking for when it comes to comfort? Comfort is all a matter of personal preference, which is why it's so important test out all the different comfort options. By going into the store and lying on the different comfort options, you'll be able to decide for yourself what you like the most, what will give you the best quality of sleep and keep you loving your mattress until the day it dies.

Support in a mattress is one of the most important things to look for, especially if you have any type of pain. This coincides with comfort in that it's completely personal and you have to physically test out your options to see what's best for you.

Mattress shopping may seem overwhelming, but it's so important to take the time and find the mattress that is the perfect fit for you. When you do, you will reap the (sleep) benefits for years to come. Come to a Mattress Firm location today and speak with a Mattress Firm employee about the best mattress for you.

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