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Bed Basics
Bed Basics

Find the Hottest Deals on Better Zzz’s at Our July 4th Sale

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Summer has arrived—the temps are soaring, and spectacular deals are happening right now at our July 4th Sale! Not only can you score summer’s best savings on top brands like Sleepy’s®, Serta®, Tempur-Pedic® and more—but our highly trained Sleep Experts® can match you with the perfect bed for the zzz’s you deserve.

Here’s your chance to discover the difference the right bed makes—we offer a wide selection of quality mattresses at every price. On top of that, you’ll get Free & Fast Delivery* to your door. Stop by and let us help you get matched so you can sleep at night.

*Restrictions apply

Here are Mattress Firm’s top July 4th Sale picks:

Sleepy's Heavy Duty Raised Metal Platform Frame


Built to resist more than 4,000 lbs. and designed to support your mattress without a box spring, this is a bed frame that will last for years to come. But strength and durability aren’t the only advantages—features like recessed legs to keep you from stubbing your toes and plastic leg caps to protect floors make it super practical, too. Our July 4th Sale is your chance to save up to $700 on the Heavy Duty Raised Metal Platform Frame.

Sleepy’s Signature & Deluxe Adjustable Bases


Designed by our very own Sleep Experts, Sleepy’s Signature and Deluxe Adjustable Bases are built to elevate—and upgrade—your zzz’s. The Signature Base is equipped with a wireless remote to raise your head to help reduce snoring, while the Deluxe allows you to save two sleep positions to help reduce snoring, sleep apnea and acid reflux—or simply enjoy watching TV. This July 4th, you can apply the $299.99 queen price or the $499.99 king price to pair with the Signature and the Deluxe Adjustable Bases.

Serta iSeries® 2.0 Hybrid 3000 13.5" Medium Mattress


Rest easy in cool comfort and enhanced pressure relief with the iSeries 2.0 Hybrid 3000 Medium Mattress—available only at Mattress Firm. An excellent option for all types of sleepers, you’ll get the ultimate cooling you need with the support you deserve so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. At our July 4th Sale, you can save up to $700 on the iSeries 2.0 Hybrid 3000 and pair it with a FREE adjustable base!

Serta Perfect Sleeper® Sleep Excellence™ Medium Pillow Top Mattress


Another Mattress Firm exclusive, the Sleep Excellence Medium Pillow Top mattress, provides a dreamy combination of cooling, support and motion separation. Equipped with an 825-coil density system and three zones of comfort, you’ll wake up each morning feeling refreshed for the day ahead. Plus, an optional QuiltLoft™ Memory Foam upgrade is also available to contour your body, relieving aches and pains.* Right now, you can save up to $700 plus a FREE adjustable base when you purchase a Sleep Excellence Medium Pillow Top.

*QuiltLoft™ Memory Foam and Zoned Pressure Relief available in select models.

Sleepy’s® Basics Collection

Basic Hybrid Mattress

A favorite of all types of sleepers, each model of the Sleepy’s Hybrid Collection is designed with multiple layers of memory foam and a durable support system that provides deep, undisturbed rest. For a limited time, you can pick any mattress in the Hybrid Collection for $499.99—over 60% off! This is the lowest July 4th Sale price on the Hybrid Collection to date, so don’t miss out on this incredible deal.

Beautyrest Black® Series Three 15.25" Medium Mattress


Experience a deeper level of sleep with the luxury of the Beautyrest Black® Series Three Medium. This luxe mattress delivers the ultimate individualized support and motion separation to keep you from disturbing your partner, alongside superior cooling and pressure relief that will let you get great sleep even on the hottest summer nights. Shop the July 4th Sale and save up to $700 on the Series Three—and get a FREE adjustable base to go with it.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze® Medium Hybrid 13" Mattress & TEMPUR-Ergo® ProSmart Adjustable Base

TEMPUR-ProBreeze® Medium 12" Mattress

This mattress and adjustable base pairing is a luxurious force to be reckoned with. The TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze boasts proven cooling and unmatched pressure relief for endless nights of incredible sleep—this mattress feels up to 10 degrees cooler* all night long. Paired with the TEMPUR-Ergo® ProSmart™ Base, it features innovative comfort solutions through an easy-to-use app, which provides personalized sleep coaching to help track and improve your sleep quality over time. And at our July 4th Sale, you can sleep soundly with this impressive pair—save up to $700 on the TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze and get a FREE ProSmart Adjustable Base with it!

*Based on average heat index increase of TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze® compared to TEMPUR-ProAdapt® models measured over an 8-hour period.

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