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Your Guide to the Best Black Friday Mattress Deals

Black Friday is almost upon us, but there’s no need to fret over your holiday shopping list just yet. For the biggest shopping holiday of the year, Mattress Firm is helping you get the sleep you deserve.

This holiday season, you can get unbeatable savings, including:

  • A king-sized mattress for the price of a queen
  • A queen-sized mattress for the price of a twin
  • A free adjustable base with select mattress purchases over $699

There are a few limited-time Doorbusters throughout the sale, offering unbeatable deals, including up to 60% off some of our best-selling beds and 20 mattresses under $999.

All throughout this weekend, we’ll also have sales on bedding, pillows and more for holiday gifts, hosting needs and beyond. Without further ado, here are some of the best deals on mattresses and accessories.

Mattress Firm’s Best Black Friday Deals 2022

Sleepy’s Doze 12" Medium Memory Foam Mattress

This Doorbuster mattress is a favorite for a reason. Its blend of three kinds of pressure-relieving foams, gel-infused foam and conforming foam all sit atop six inches of support foam, making this durable and eco-friendly mattress a great choice for most kinds of sleepers. And infused charcoal keeps things cool for hot sleepers. For Black Friday 2022, this queen-sized mattress is $559.99 (regularly $1399.99).

Intellibed G-Series G-3 Hybrid 16.5" Luxe Plush Mattress

Take a load off your feet with this top-tier mattress, which is specifically designed to provide the ultimate in back support and pressure relief. The Gel Matrix is great for keeping your spine aligned and relieving pressure. Do your pets, kids or partner toss and turn, waking you up? The encased coils in the G-3 Hybrid help prevent you from feeling anyone’s tosses and turns. For Black Friday 2022, the king-sized version is available for the regular queen price ($8699.99). You’ll also have the option to purchase this mattress for 0% Interest for 72 Months with your Mattress Firm credit card.

BeautyRest Silver® BRS900-C 14.5" Medium Mattress

BeautyRest specializes in mattresses that will hold their shape and relieve pressure (especially after a long day of shopping). The Silver BRS900-C model offers a traditional medium-feel mattress that has a thicker profile to provide height if you’re planning to pair it with a platform frame. No matter what position you sleep in, the Dynamic Response™ memory foam in the Silver BRS900-C contours and conforms to your personal shape. And for Black Friday 2022, select BeautyRest queen mattresses are going on sale for as low as $379.99.

Tulo Hybrid 12" Medium Firm Mattress

Looking for an easy-to-set-up bed option? Look no further than the Tulo Hybrid. Delivered straight to your door in an easy-to-unpack box, this hybrid mattress-in-a-box is perfect for back or stomach sleepers who want the best of both worlds: the comfort of a firm bed and the elegance of a pillow top. The individually wrapped coils and memory foam layers hug your hips and shoulders to reduce pressure points. It’s also breathable and cooling so you won’t toss and turn throughout the night. This mattress is an exceptional deal for those looking to set up their guest rooms last minute for holiday visitors, with a queen marked down from $999 to just $474.99.

Sleepy’s Supima® Cotton Sheet Set

You can upgrade more than your mattress this Black Friday. Mattress Firm is offering 20% off all Sleepy’s accessories, including the new supima cotton sheet sets, which are both extremely durable and incredibly soft. Available in 12 colors, the sheets are made to stay luxurious, with sturdy elastic edges to prevent shifting.

Sleepy’s Coconut Bliss Pillow

Escape the cool winter months by dreaming about your next tropical vacation with the coconut bliss pillow. This has quickly become a customer favorite and a Sleep Expert favorite due to the aromatherapy and coziness of this fragrance-infused pillow. The resilient memory foam that gently conforms to your head and neck for proper alignment, relaxing pressure relief and soothing support will undoubtedly help you relax into the new year for 20% off regular prices, at $159.99.

The Mattress Firm Black Friday Sale only happens once a year, and this is only a small preview of everything you could save. Visit a store, shop online or talk by phone with one of our Sleep Experts™ so you can get the best Black Friday deals on the mattress of your dreams.

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