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Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Hey, you. Yes, you! We see you over there scrambling for last-minute holiday gifts. You may have been a little late pulling your nice list together this year, but that doesn’t have to send you into a sweat. After all, it’s the season of rest and relaxation for you too!

Relieve some of that pressure by grabbing a few of these last-minute gifts that’ll take care of almost everyone on your list. Even the pets! Whether your loved ones need massage guns that are perfect for wind-down routines, essential oil diffusers to calm their sleep spaces, stylish, cozy throws or pet beds for four-legged family, these items are thoughtful and easy to get despite the dwindling days before Christmas. And who doesn’t need the gift of good sleep?


Blissy 22 Momme Silk Pillowcase

Silk has a luxurious reputation for a reason: It's ideal for minimizing friction for hair and skin while you sleep. The Blissy line of pillowcases come in several stylish colors, meaning you can give the beauty sleep of your loved ones' dreams.

From $69.95 | Find Out More


Sleepy’s Luxury Velvet Plush Throw

This plush, velvety throw has staying power throughout the seasons. It won’t let your loved one get too hot or too cold; the temperature will be just right.

$30 | Find Out More

luxury ruched faux fur throw

LuxLiving Luxury Ruched Faux Fur Throw

Available in three chic colors, this throw is ideal for fireside evenings or layering onto bedding. The ideal cold-weather accessory, the crinkled faux-fur design is as warm as it is soft.

$35 | Find Out More


PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed with Orthopedic Memory Foam

You may be grabbing this gift last-minute but getting something for your best friend’s furry friend will come off as thoughtful and considerate. It features high-density orthopedic memory foam, along with a headrest and several other lounging options that your giftee’s pet won’t be able to stop barking about.

From $79.99 | Find Out More


Purespa Deluxe Essential Oil Diffuser

Here’s your chance to knock out two gifts with one stone. Not only does the diffuser distribute relaxing mists of essential oil fragrances in the air, but it also functions as a moisturizing humidifier for dry rooms. It will be a welcome addition to both their senses and their sleep sanctuary.

$49.99 | Find Out More

Theragun Elite

Theragun Elite Smart Percussive Therapy Massager

This massage gun would make an excellent gift for anyone who prioritizes a wellness-focused wind-down routine. It’s lightweight and quiet, and it can be fully personalized to meet your giftee’s needs. It also comes with a guided app experience aimed at helping them reduce deep muscle tension.

$399 | Find Out More


Beautyrest Super Lux Sofa
What to get the dog who has everything? An upgrade on what they already have. Help them — and their owner — enjoy restful, luxurious sleep with this Super Lux Sofa. It’s infused with Aircool® Memory Foam and Ultra-Fresh™ Technology that keeps pets comfortable and remains fresh and odor-free.

From $47.99 (40% off at time of publication) | Find Out More


ASTI Sound + Sleep Mini Sound Machine
The Sound+Sleep MINI Sound Machine is a compact, battery-operated trip to calming nature. It creates natural sound environments that’ll help your giftee get the rest that feels like a much-needed getaway!

$40.80 (40% off at time of publication) | Find Out More


Sleepy’s Buffalo Check Reversible Sherpa Throw
We love Sherpa and we think your giftee will, too. Its super soft material is thick, yet lightweight and complemented by the reversible plush side for extra comfort. But not only will it keep people warm and cozy, its festive design means it has potential to become part of their annual holiday décor.

$30 (50% off at time of publication) | Find Out More


Beautyrest Cozy Cuddler Bed

Is your loved one’s puppy ready to transition to a big dog bed? This is the gift for them. The rectangular design allows for a more spacious sleep space, with head and neck support, because your pets deserve to sleep as well as you do.

From $35.99 (40% off at time of publication) | Find Out More


Blissy Pure Silk Sleep Mask

What’s more luxurious, yet accessible, than a silk eye mask? Especially if it’s from Blissy, which is known for its high quality, 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. Slip it on and sleep like royalty.

$39.95 (20% off at time of publication) | Find Out More

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