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The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

We all have a go-to sleeping position that we find ourselves sleeping in every night. Believe it or not, nearly 75 percent of people choose to sleep on their sides, making it the most popular sleeping position. So, what is the best mattress for side sleepers?

The best mattress for side sleepers will ensure that the spine remains aligned throughout the night, allowing the hips and shoulders to gently sink into the bed. Typically medium to plush mattresses are the best option for side sleepers, but the perfect mattress is different for every individual. A mattress that is too soft could cause your torso to sink lower into the mattress than your shoulder or legs, causing an unnatural curve in your spine. And, a mattress that is too firm won't allow your hips and shoulders to sink into the bed and can cause pressure points throughout the night, which could lead to numbness or tingling in your arms or legs. The best way to determine your comfort level preference is to test out mattresses in a store near you.

To help you with your search for the best mattress for side sleepers, we have tested these mattresses for you and compiled the following list of the best mattresses for side sleepers:

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Beautyrest Hybrid Plush Mattress

Beautyrest hybrid

While you've technically found your optimal sleep position (on your side), it is essential to have a mattress that ensures maximum comfort all night long. That's where the Beautyrest Hybrid Plush comes in. It features Pocketed Coil Technology that provides flexible support exactly where it is needed and isolates motion between sleepers. Not to mention, the pressure-relieving memory foam conforms to your body for all night comfort, ranking it a best hybrid mattress for side sleepers.

Purple 3 Hybrid Premier

Purple 3

Side sleepers shouldn't have to compromise their sleep. So, with the Purple 3 mattress, comfort, support and durability are all rolled into one bed. This mattress offers the perfect balance of soft and firm, featuring a 3-inch top layer of Purple's patented Smart Comfort GridTM that adapts to your body and stays cool all night long. It also features a base layer of individually wrapped coils that enhance the overall comfort, responsiveness and durability of the mattress. This combination of comfort and support will keep side sleepers comfortable all night long.

Beautyrest PressureSmart Lux Pillow Top

PressureSmart Lux

Another great mattress option for side sleepers is the Beautyrest PressureSmart Lux Pillow Top. This bed features PressureSmart™ Gel Memory foam which delivers up to 21% more pressure relief* from the moment you lie down, reducing tossing and turning for a more restful night's sleep. You will also enjoy a layer of InfiniCoolTM Surface that is directly below the quilt and helps dissipate heat and moisture to create the ideal sleep temperature. This is a top mattress pick for side sleepers that are looking for ample pressure relief and cooling technology.

Tempur-Pedic Adapt Hybrid

Tempurpedic Adapt Hybrid

The TEMPUR-Adapt® Hybrid features two layers of premium TEMPUR® Material on top of 1000+ Premium Coils, that continually adapt and conform to a side sleeper's changing needs throughout the night. These layers, along with superior cool-to-touch comfort, allow side sleepers to get pressure relieving support for deeper sleep so you feel rejuvenated every morning.

Serta iSeries Hybrid 300 13.5″ Plush

Serta iSeries Hybrid

If you're wanting a luxurious night of sleep, look no further. This Serta iSeries Hybrid mattress offers ultimate comfort, support and cooling technology for an indulgent slumber. A quality side sleeper mattress option, the Serta iSeries Hybrid 300 adapts to your body for curve-hugging comfort, reducing pressure and pain from sleep. Combining the power of spring and foam technology, this is ranked a best hybrid mattress for side sleepers.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Willow Brook Plush Pillow Top

Serta Willow Brook

As the official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Willow Brook Plush Pillow Top is ranked as a best side sleeper mattress. This mattress provides unparalleled luxury with a layer of PillowSoft HD Foam for incredibly plush surface comfort. One night on this mattress will have you sleeping like a baby thanks to the specialized foams, engineered fibers and premium stretch fabric that cradles your body from head to toe.

Purple 4 Hybrid Premier

Purple 4

Looking to make all of your wildest dreams — both sleep and non-sleep related — come true? With a Purple 4 Hybrid Premier mattress, you'll wake up feeling like a new person. This mattress features a 4-inch layer of Purple's patented Smart Comfort GridTM on top of a base layer of individually wrapped responsive-support coils that will give the personalized comfort you need for better sleep. Your spine, joints and lower back will thank you every morning after being comforted by this bed all night long.

Sleepy's Relax Pillow Top

Sleepy's Relax Mattress

No night should be spent tossing and turning from one side to the other. Sleepy's Relax pillow top mattress offers a combination of foams that provide enhanced quality support so you can get the rest you deserve. With a 360° foam encasement, this bed extends comfort from side to side, keeping the sweet dreams coming all night long.

Side sleeping is great for a lot people, but it's important to find the right bed for you. Whether you are waking up with numb limbs, suffering from back pain or sleeping on your side to be the comfiest, make sure you have the best mattress for sleeping on your side.

For more information on selecting the best mattress for your perfect night's sleep or to explore all of the amazing beds we have to offer, visit or shop in store at your local Mattress Firm.

Happy sleeping!

*Compared to Beautyrest equivalent models without PressureSmart

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