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Bed Basics
Bed Basics

This Earth Day, Check Out the New Sleepy’s Willow

A full view of the Sleepy's Willow mattress on a wooden bed frame.

There are proven benefits to going green. After all, studies show that people who feel more connected to nature show a greater level of eudaemonic—or happiness-promoting—well-being.

Since we spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed, it’s only natural that being eco-conscious should extend to our sleep spaces, too.

The Mattress Firm Sleep Experts® have heard customers’ requests for mattresses that incorporate more natural materials, and we are proud to share the result: the brand-new Sleepy’s Willow collection.

Featuring a natural and certified-organic latex core, the Sleepy’s Willow is already racking up awards.

Available as a firm, medium and plush Eurotop to accommodate side, back and stomach sleepers, each Willow mattress provides the pressure relief, motion separation and breathability you expect from a quality Mattress Firm bed, in a hand-tufted package.

Wondering what the materials actually are? Starting with the surface, the Willow is encased in luxurious, breathable cotton and TENCEL™.

Inside, the mattress features rich, moisture-wicking, USDA-certified organic wool that regulates temperature to keep you warm or cool. Durable, open-cell, GOLS-certified-organic latex is used along with encased coils to help evenly distribute weight, minimize tossing and turning, and offer pressure relief for your joints, as well as help with airflow to move heat away from your body.

The profile view of the Sleepy's Willow mattress with the tag made of lavender seeds hanging over the edge.

As one fun, final touch, each Willow mattress is tagged with a plantable tag made from lavender seeds, so you can enjoy a relaxing, fragrant perk of your new bed in the months to come.

The new Sleepy’s Willow mattresses are newly available in select stores across the country, as well as on

Sleep well!

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