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Your New New Year's Resolution: Sleep Better

You just finished ringing in the new year, and now is the time when people begin identifying what they need to do over the next 365 days in order to become the best versions of themselves.
Just like every other year, many of us will focus our New Year's resolutions to our health and resolve to exercise more and eat healthier. But to truly live a fit life, there are three pillars to consider: exercise, diet and sleep.

So why is it that sleep is so often neglected?

Don't Overlook the Benefits of Sleep

As life becomes hectic and our days grow busier, sleep continuously gets pushed aside. Doctors recommend the average adult get seven or more hours of sleep each night, but according to a Gallup poll, at least 40% of adults are getting much less than that.

By skimping on sleep, we are neglecting our body of the time it needs to fully rest and take on the next day.

Make This Year the Year of Sleep

Here are some tips you to give a try as you try to get better sleep and become the healthiest version of you in 2017:

  • Go to bed earlier, even if it's just by 15 minutes.
  • Go to bed close to the same time every night.
  • Turn off electronics at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Avoid alcohol a few hours before bed and cut out caffeine at midday.
  • Stay away from bright lights; dim the lights around your home and stay away from electronic screens. This will trigger your brain that it's almost time for bed.
  • Develop a nighttime routine.
  • Make your bed your sleep sanctuary. Avoid doing work and watching TV in bed.

Prioritizing sleep will not only make your life easier on a daily basis, but will also help you stick to all your other New Year's resolutions. Getting enough sleep supports many other healthy behaviors, from having the energy to exercise to maintaining the focus to stick to your diet. Simply put, sleep makes our lives better.

Cheers to a new year! We think that sleeping more is a resolution that we can definitely stick to. Check out The Daily Doze throughout the year as we continue to talk about the health benefits of a great night's sleep and offer tips on how to sleep better.

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