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Buying Guide: Moving

If you're getting ready to move, there's no doubt you have a lot on your plate. To make your move a little bit easier, we've compiled some of our top tips and considerations for moving, should you need a new mattress in the process.

And, if you need a little extra help, don't forget to check out our moving checklist, too!

First, Check Your Mattress Tag

If your mattress is 8+ years old, it's about time to start fresh with a new mattress instead of dragging your old mattress into your new home. Even if the mattress is not quite 8 years old, evaluate whether you think the hassle of moving your current mattress is worth it.

At Mattress Firm, we know moving a mattress by yourself can be a hassle. So remember, if you choose to purchase a new mattress, we will recycle your old mattress and deliver your new bed to your new home — which lets you cross one more thing off your to-do list and saves you the backache of moving your mattress on your own.

Think About The Space To Which You're Moving

When you move, it's important to consider the size of the bedroom you're moving into. Is it bigger or smaller? Do you need a larger mattress to fill the space or a smaller one to accommodate the room? Maybe you have little ones running around who you think will want to hop in your bed? Or maybe you don't have children now, but you plan to in the future.

Before your move, think through all the possible scenarios and determine if you want to downsize or upgrade. Our Mattress Firm sleep experts are happy to help you think this through to come up with the best option for you. Once you've deciphered which size mattress will work best in the space, you can start researching and beginning the mattress buying process.

Do Your Research

If you're on the hunt for a new bed, visit one of the Mattress Firm locations near you to experience all of the best mattress options available. There are tons of different mattress types and sizes, so we encourage you to do some mattress testing and determine what qualities you're looking for in a brand new bed.

When searching for a new home, many people create lists of “must-haves" and things they are willing to live without. When mattress buying, going through a similar process will help give you a good idea of what you're looking for when you shop in store. Which features absolutely must be in the mattress? What aspects do you care less about and might be willing to compromise on? When you know this, our Mattress Firm sleep experts can show you all the products that meet your needs and your wants. You can also use our helpful mattress shopping checklist to get started!

While You're Browsing

When you do being to shop in store and test out mattresses for yourself, be upfront about your needs and wants. Having done your research ahead of time will help you communicate your preferences to your Mattress Firm sales expert and ultimately help them lead you in the right direction!

At Mattress Firm, we believe the best way to find the mattress of your dreams is to actually lie down on the mattresses in-store. Give each mattress a solid five minutes of moving around to different sleeping positions so you can get a feel for its comfort level. And, most importantly, when you do test out a mattress, don't settle! The sleep expert you are working with will do everything in his or her power to find the mattress that's right for you. But, if you don't love it right away, don't be afraid to keep looking at all the mattresses we have to offer.


When you've chosen the mattress of your dreams, the next step is to break it in! First, it's important to give it some time. A new mattress can take time to adjust to your body, so we recommend giving the mattress a minimum of 30 nights of rest to allow for the adjustment period.

During this time, you can make your bed your official sleep sanctuary by finding your perfect sleeping accessories. Pillows, sheets and other accessories matter just as much as the mattress itself. So during your visit to a Mattress Firm near you, check our all the products we have to offer. Take time to pick out ones that you'll love and that align with your style and comfort preferences. You'll be that much happier with your bed!

After 30 days, if you are not happy with your new bed, our Mattress Firm return policy makes it easy. Our Love Your Mattress guarantee is made to help you buy with confidence. If you are not satisfied with your Mattress Firm mattress anytime within 120 nights from original delivery, Mattress Firm will do whatever we can to help you get your perfect night's sleep.

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