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The 12 Days of DREAMcember

At Mattress Firm, December means DREAMcember. This year, for our fourth annual giveaway, we’re looking to spread the gift of holiday cheer and great sleep, so you can make the most of the season with your loved ones. Starting on December 7, Mattress Firm is giving you, our family, 12 days of giveaways, with the chance to win some of our top sleep products! Visit our Instagram and TikTok over the course of the event for your chance to win.

On the first day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: Sleepy’s Coconut Bliss Pillow!

Coconut Bliss Pillow

This Sleep Expert® favorite is a spa retreat in pillow form. This soft, supportive memory foam pillow offers head and neck alignment with pressure relief for a better night of sleep. With the light, aromatherapy fragrance of coconut and 3x more airflow than a usual pillow, it’s the next-best thing to a tropical vacation. Drift away to paradise.

On the second day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: A Zuri Oversized Faux Fur Heated Throw!

A gray, white and pink fuzzy blanket on a bed

You’ll get a mattress protector + a sheet set + 2 pillows. It’s the perfect set for a stocking stuffer.

On the third day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: Sleepy’s Supima® Cotton Sheet Set!

A maroon sheet set

Slip into a set of sheets as durable as they are incredibly soft. These 600-thread-count Supima® cotton sheets are made using 100% American-grown cotton that gets even softer over time. Available in an array of pleasant colors, this sheet set is as pretty as it is nice to sleep in.

On the fourth day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: A Tulo 10" Memory Foam Lavender Mattress!

Lavender Tulo Mattress

Tis the season for better sleep. This innovative medium-plush mattress in a box offers excellent spinal alignment and motion isolation, which is particularly good for side and back sleepers, as well as lavender-infused memory foam, which keeps your sleep space fresh.

On the fifth day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: A Purple Royal Seat Cushion!

Purple seat cushion

So much of how you sleep each night depends on how you spend your days. And if you’re sitting for long stretches, our fifth day of DREAMcember offers you a chance to get some needed pressure relief. The Royal Purple® Seat Cushion is ideal for office chairs, car seats or anywhere you regularly take a seat. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™ offers pressure-relieving layers and lumbar support to keep you comfortable.

On the sixth day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: A Blissy Pure Silk Sleep Mask!

A black silk mask

We’re giving the gift of a little beauty sleep with this 100% pure silk sleep mask, which is silky-smooth, but also exceptional at blocking ambient light to help you get the nods you need.

On the seventh day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: A Sleepy’s Memory Foam Doze Mattress!

A bare mattress on a gray bedroom set.

Here’s another chance to drift as if you’re in a field in Provence. This innovative memory foam mattress in a box offers excellent pressure relief to alleviate aches, stiffness, pain and sleep apnea. It’s particularly good for side sleepers, and its infused charcoal keeps you sleeping cool, even when you’re nestled in a kerchief or cap.

On the eighth day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: Sleepy’s Coconut Bliss Pillow!

A coconut scented pillow on a bed.

That’s right: We’re offering a second chance to win this tropical vacation in a compact pillow-shaped package. This Sleepy’s pillow is supportive and pressure relieving with a wonderful, vacation-inspiring essence of coconut to transport you to the tropics as you nod off to dreamland.

On the ninth day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: A Zuri Oversized Faux Fur Heated Throw!

A gray, white and pink fuzzy throw blanket.

Bundling up during those cold winter months has never been easier. This ultra-soft cozy throw offers 3 heat settings based on overall temperature, spot temperature and room temperature to keep you warm.

On the 10th day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: A Sleepy’s Down & Feather Chamber Pillow!

A large, fluffy pillow on a bare bed.

Fluff up your sleep space with the luxurious and lofty Sleepy’s Down & Feather Chamber Pillow. Filled with hypoallergenic down surrounding a firmer, inner chamber of natural feathers, this pillow is supportive and soft, making it a Sleep Expert® favorite that we’re thrilled to give away on this 10th day of DREAMcember.

On the 11th day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: A Stearns & Foster Studio 14" Medium Mattress!

A Stearns & Foster mattress

Settle in for a long winter’s nap on this impressive hybrid mattress. The Stearns & Foster Studio Mattress offers excellent support as it distributes your weight evenly across the mattress and maintains proper joint and spine alignment. The combination of memory foam and encased innersprings isolates movement to prevent waking you or your partner up.

On the twelfth day of DREAMcember...

Mattress Firm is giving you: Sleepy’s Hybrid 13" Medium Mattress AND an Adjustable Base!

A Sleepy's Hybrid Mattress

What a finale! A luxurious combination of memory foam and innersprings mattress in a box is paired with the always popular 300 adjustable base. Drift off on a medium-plush atop layers of memory foam and Air-Flow foam providing support and pressure relief that allows for exceptional airflow, even on the stuffiest nights.

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