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Zinus Green Tea 8” Cushioned Firm Memory Foam Mattress

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    Why Our Sleep Experts™ Love It

    "Firm with just enough cushion to conform to your hips and shoulders for a comfortable nights sleep, would definitely recommend for back or stomach sleepers."- Michael Cicero, Sleep Expert

    Back & Stomach Sleepers
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    This mattress range from Zinus packs affordable comfort and a unique infusion of green tea for freshness into one easy-to-deliver box. This Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam 8” Cushioned Firm Mattress offers the right level of comfort for back and stomach sleepers. Its combination of Green Tea Memory Foam—with the stay-fresh properties of green tea blended right into the materials—and proprietary Z:Foam strikes a perfect balance of cushioned and firm for cradling comfort and pressure relief. Plus, this mattress meets environmental and safety standards to achieve the independently verified CertiPUR® certification.