Mattress/Bed Sizes and Dimensions

Sizes Dimensions (in) Dimensions (cm)
Crib 27” X 52” 68.5cm X 132cm
Twin 39” X 75” 96.5cm X 190.5cm
Twin XL Twin XL 39” X 80” 96.5cm X 203.5cm
Full 54” X 75” 134.5cm X 190.5cm
Queen 60” X 80” 152.5cm X 203.5cm
King 76” X 80” 193cm X 203.5cm
Cal King Cal King 72” X 84” 183cm X 213.5cm

Choosing what size mattress to buy isn’t easy, especially considering the array of choices available. Today, you can count on finding California king, king, queen, full XL, full, twin XL, and twin mattresses widely manufactured and sold in stores. Mattress size is an individual preference, but understanding specific dimensions and your own expectations will help you narrow down the bed size that will serve your needs best. When you’re considering which size to buy, some factors to consider include whether or not you sleep with a spouse or partner, if children and pets share your bed, whether you’re on the taller or shorter side, and how large your bedroom is. Record bedroom dimensions before you shop to give yourself an idea of the space you have, and do some research. Below, we’ll outline everything you need to know about each mattress size so you’ll feel confident when you’re ready to buy.

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Bed Type Specifications Descriptions Details


27” X 52”


Measuring 27” x 52”, a crib or toddler mattress is just the right size for your baby’s first bed. These dimensions are widely accepted to be the standard across the US, so this size will fit with any standard crib you bring home for your young one.


For safety reasons, crib mattresses are firmer than adult mattresses, and they fit most babies until toddlerhood, though exact timing is different for every child. Like adult mattresses, foam or innerspring crib mattress both work well depending on preference, and some crib mattresses are lighter for portability or easier to clean in case of spills.

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39” X 75”


A twin mattress, with 38” x 75” dimensions, is the size bed most kids sleep on through childhood. While growth spurts later in adolescence may necessitate upgrades, a twin mattress provides adequate sleeping space for solo sleepers from toddlerhood through the teen years, though most adults find a twin too small.


Twin mattresses, also known as single mattresses, are slim in size, which makes them easy to fit side-by-side in shared kids bedrooms or stacked as bunk beds. Twin beds also work well in smaller guest bedrooms or odd-shaped spaces, and their smaller size makes them easy to move around as life necessitates.

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Twin XL

39” X 80”


As the standard size for college dorm rooms, a twin XL mattress gives students room to stretch out with 38” x 80” dimensions. Since they’re made with saving space in mind, twin XL’s don’t offer any more width than a conventional twin, but they do give taller sleepers the leg room they need each night.


Whether you’re outfitting your college student’s dorm room or looking to give growing young ones more space to stretch out in a small bedroom, a twin XL’s added length gives it ample versatility for kids and students. Economical and maneuverable, twin XL mattresses are easy to move from dorm to apartment, but most adults prefer larger mattresses once circumstances allow.

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54” X 75”


At 54” x 75”, a full size mattress offers a notable upgrade in space from a twin. For single sleepers, this mattress size offers a good amount of space, but couples splitting a full will only have the equivalent width of a crib mattress to themselves, which isn’t always conducive to quality rest.


A full mattress provides a good compromise between twin and queen mattresses. Teens who have outgrown their childhood beds will welcome the added space, while young graduates appreciate the economical price and size when trying to outfit smaller apartments. A full mattress makes a great investment, as it can eventually be used in a guest bedroom once grown children move out.

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60” X 80”


Queen mattresses are the most popular bed size in the US right now, and their 60” x 80” dimensions make it easy to see why. Providing couples with enough individual space to sleep comfortably while still fitting in smaller bedrooms, queen mattresses are perhaps the most versatile size.


Whether you’re a single sleeper or sharing your bed with a partner, a queen is a mattress size you won’t outgrow over time. Most master bedrooms can accommodate a queen mattress easily, and the queen size’s popularity means that accessories and bedding are widely available in a range of price points, materials, and styles.

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76” X 80”


Offering a luxurious amount of space, king mattresses measure 76” x 80” and are ideal for couples or single sleepers who don’t want to compromise on sleeping area. In a king bed, couples each get the equivalent of a twin mattress to themselves each night.


If you’ve found queen mattresses lacking in space or you and a partner routinely share your bed with pets or young children, a king size mattress is probably a good fit for you. Though their larger size makes moving king mattresses more difficult, king beds sit atop two twin box springs pushed together to make maneuvering an entire bed into a room much easier.

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Cal King

72” X 84”


California king mattresses take four inches of width from a conventional king and add it to their overall length, measuring 72” x 84”. This size suits taller sleepers, especially those over 6’, who need a longer mattress to sleep comfortably, and it still provides sleepers with 12 inches more width than they would get from a queen.


If your feet have always hung off the edge of a mattress while you’re trying to sleep, a Cal king will provide you with the length every other mattress size has been lacking. This size offers a wealth of space for couples to share, and its slightly narrower dimensions may make it fit more easily in certain rooms than a conventional king size mattress.

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What's the difference between a twin and single mattress?

The words “twin” and “single” are often used interchangeably to describe the same size mattress, but there is no difference between the two. While “twin” is considered the standard name in the US for a mattress that measures 39 inches by 75 inches, other parts of the world favor the term “single” for a bed with the same dimensions. Wherever you go, 39” x 75” is the standard size for a bed designed for one person.

Is a full size bed the same as a double?

Yes, full size beds and double beds are the same thing. Both terms refer to mattresses measuring 54 inches by 75 inches. Though the word “double” would suggest that a full or double bed is twice the size of a twin/single mattress, that’s not the case. A full mattress is 15” wider than a twin bed, but the same length. Double and full can still be used interchangeably, but double is an older term and mattress manufacturers have mostly replaced it with the word full.

Is there a difference when describing the sizes of beds versus mattresses?

For the most part, no. Bed and mattress are terms used interchangeably for one another, but bed can sometimes suggest a set instead of a single mattress. The term bed could mean a mattress and boxspring, or mattress, bedframe, boxspring, and headboard. It’s unlikely a manufacturer would list dimensions that included accessories, because their sizing isn’t standardized, and most mattresses can be paired with a variety of compatible accessories, and generally aren’t sold as sets.

What size mattress do two side-by-side twin beds make?

Technically, two twin beds are just two twin beds. However, at 39 inches by 75 inches, two twin or twin XL beds provide close to the amount of space of a king or California king mattress, which measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. Conveniently, these close measurements allow manufacturers to support king and California king mattresses using two side-by-side twin or twin XL boxsprings, so customers don’t have to worry about trying to drag a 76” x 80” boxspring—which won’t bend the way a mattress will—up a flight of stairs to a master bedroom.

What about the other sizes of mattresses, like Texas or super king?

In addition to standard mattress sizes, over the years, several “specialty” mattress sizes have been created. Not widely sold and often only made by certain manufacturers in a small selection of models, these mattress sizes may be worth exploring if you don’t feel standard options serve your needs. However, note that as a result of their rarity, specialty mattresses can be difficult to find accessories and bedding for, so factor that into your decision before you buy.

Is a full size bed big enough for 2 people?

It depends. A full mattress provides each person with 27 inches of space, which is the equivalent width of a crib. If you’re considering a full bed because you have limited space or budget constraints, test one out with your partner and decide if the sacrifice in personal space and length makes sense. For shorter sleepers, it might, but taller sleepers may find a full bed’s 54 inches insufficient. Mattresses aren’t one size fits all, so focus on what size will work best for you.

What’s the most popular mattress size?

The most popular mattress size in the US is a queen. For many, the queen mattress balances adequate space for two people with a size that’s easier to move through narrow doorways and staircases. It also strikes a middle ground in terms of budget compared to pricier king mattresses. Don’t let the masses determine what size mattress you buy though—do your research and always consider the factors that matter most to you before you make a decision.

What’s the largest mattress available?

If you thought a traditional king was big, think again. The largest mattress size on the market is appropriately named the Alaskan king, measuring an opulent 108” x 108”. If you have the space for this mattress size, you and your partner will each enjoy 54 inches of space—the equivalent of an entire full mattress—to yourselves. Looking for more space but not sure the Alaskan king is for you? Read more about why switching to a traditional king might be the right choice instead.