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Experience the all-new Purple mattress.

The Proof is in the Purple.

The science of finely-tuned comfort.

Perfectly Balanced Support

The Smart Comfort Grid™ intelligently reacts to your body, so it’s soft where you want it, firm where you need it.

Cooling Airflow

Temperature-neutral layers and open grid airflow dissipate body heat, so you always sleep cool.

Motion Isolation

Durable encased coils and motion-isolating grid make sure you’re never disturbed by your sleep partner.

Pick your perfect Purple.

Whatever your personal comfort preference, we have you covered.


The Original


  • A little Purple Polymer goes a long way
  • 2” zoned Smart Comfort Grid
  • Supports where you need it most
  • Aligns your spine and your budget


The All-Around Classic

Crazy Comfy

  • Edge to edge Purple Polymer for edge to edge comfort
  • 2” Smart Comfort Grid
  • Firm, comfy support all over
  • Soft where you want it and firm where you need it


The Undisputed Sweet Spot

Super Duper Comfy

  • Thicker Purple Polymer for cushier comfort
  • 3” Smart Comfort Grid
  • Supports with a balance of soft and firm
  • Ideal for mixed sleep styles and body types


The Radical Magical

Really, Really Ridiculously Comfy

  • Thickest. Comfiest. Dreamiest Purple Polymer.
  • 4” Smart Comfort Grid
  • Soft support with a zero-gravity feel
  • Immersive comfort for all sleep positions

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