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  • extra firm

    Sleep solid, not soft, on an extra firm mattress, with the least surface give of any comfort level. Good for back sleepers.

  • firm

    Sleep solid with a touch of softness with a firm mattress, which provides the feeling of sleeping on your mattress, not in it.

  • medium

    Not too hard, not too soft, just right, the Goldilocks-approved comfort level provides versatile benefits for all sleepers.

  • plush

    Surface give means softer comfort with a plush mattress. If you like a comfy-cozy feel, plush mattresses are for you.

  • ultra plush

    If you like to feel like your mattress is giving you a nice warm hug, go with an ultra plush mattress for maximum softness.

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The traditional innerspring construction is still the most popular mattress type, making up around 80% of mattress sales.

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memory foam

Softness, support and low motion transfer are among the many benefits you get sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

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Hybrid mattresses combine foam and innerspring technologies to offer both old-school support and new-school comfort.

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Encased Coil

A variation on innerspring mattresses, Encased coil mattresses feature individually wrapped coils working independently.

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Gel Memory Foam

A gel memory foam mattress allows for increased airflow and a cooler sleeping experience than the typical memory foam mattress.

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Pillowtop mattresses feature an added layer of soft padding stitched to the top, ideal for relieving pressure points.

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