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How you sleep can make common aches and pains worse. But, rest assured: Mattress

Firm has the mattresses, pillows, and essentials to help you get the rest you need.

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Tell us where it hurts. We can help.

Back Pain Icon

Back Pain

20% of Americans have experienced back pain. We have beds, adjustable bases & more designed to help tackle the problem so you can sleep easier. 

Shoulder Pain Icon

Shoulder Pain

Don’t let a restless night rest on your shoulders alone—the right mattress and pillow can help alleviate the pain in surprisingly effective ways. 

Neck Pain Icon

Neck Pain

The wrong mattress and pillow can make neck pain worse. The trick? Getting proper body alignment. Here are the items that’ll help.

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Hip Pain

Americans of all ages can suffer from hip pain. Your search for a nighttime solution to this common problem ends here.

What else is keeping you up?

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