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Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt® Pro + Cooling Pillow

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    Why Our Sleep Experts® Love It

    "Perfect conforming and supporting pillow. Always keeps you cool and never have to worry about flipping your pillow again!"- Dennis Ottochian, Sleep Expert

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    It’s not mechanical. It’s material. And personal. The TEMPUR-Adapt® Pro + Cooling Pillow features a unique cell structure within our material is activated by the unique characteristics of your body. Your weight, your shape, your temperature, your sleep position. Even as these elements change throughout the night, our legendary material continues to comfort, support and conform to your body. And unlike ordinary pillows, these pillows won’t lose their shape or flatten over time. This is a difference you can feel allover. Not just tonight, but tomorrow too.


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    Cooling Technology
    Temperature-regulating components and materials draw heat away from the body to create a cool and comfortable sleep surface.
    Temperature-regulating components and materials draw heat away from the body to create a cool and comfortable sleep surface.


      Low:designed for stomach sleepers

      Mid:designed for back sleepers

      High:designed for side sleepers

      TEMPUR® microcushions allow for personalized support

      Exclusive TEMPUR® Material precisely adapts to your head, neck and shoulders

      Premium knit cooling cover provides cool-to-the-touch comfort after every wash

      Breathable, high-stretch performance fabric

      Thoughtfully designed, expertly engineered & rigorously tested

      Removable, washable cover

      TEMPUR® Material never loses its shape or flattens over time


      Low Loft Queen - 25"x 16"x 5.75"
      Low Loft King - 30"x 16"x 5.75"
      Mid Loft King - 31"x 16.5"x 6.5"
      High Loft Queen - 25"x 16"x 6.5"
      High Loft King - 33.5"x 16"x 6.5"
      About tempur-pedic
      After more than 25 years, Tempur-Pedic® continues to transform the industry, continuously evolving the next generation of sleep-enhancing mattresses to ensure everyone wakes up more rejuvenated than ever, night after night after night. Yet, it’s not simply about making better mattresses. It’s about creating better sleep. It’s understood that people change with time, and the one aspect that remains constant for anyone is a demand for the best sleep imaginable. That’s why Tempur-Pedic continuously concepts, designs, researches, builds, tests, and retests (and retests) with one key qualifier above all: you. There’s no middle ground for Tempur-Pedic. It’s either transformative sleep, or it isn’t. You want sleep that’s head-clearing, body-repairing, no-tossing, no-turning, all-night-cooling sleep. It’s the kind of sleep that’s been the goal for decades, and Tempur-Pedic won’t sleep until you do perfectly. There’s a reason millions of people fall asleep on a Tempur-Pedic each night.
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