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Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt® 12" Medium Mattress

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“Tempur-ProAdapt provides a comfortable sleep system that gives a slow response feel to allow you to stay in your sleep position longer.” - Marcellous L., Sleep Expert

Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers
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Experience continuous innovation for continuous comfort and expertly engineered pressure relief with the TEMPUR-ProAdapt® Medium. With a 12-inch profile, one-of-a-kind cooling technology meets two layers of the most pressure-relieving TEMPUR® Material ever created—so that every point of contact is more fully supported for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. First, a TEMPUR-APR® Support Layer provides adaptive comfort, conforming to your body’s unique needs for sleep that restores your whole body. Next, an Original TEMPUR® Comfort Layer is as comfortable and supportive as it is iconic—it precisely forms to your weight, shape, and temperature, constantly adapting as you sleep for conforming support and motion cancellation. Finally, a SmartClimate® Dual Cover System features a zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer combined with a super-stretch inner panel, so you feel cooler when you lie down. Experience advanced pressure relief and motion cancellation for restorative sleep with the TEMPUR-ProAdapt® Medium.


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