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Purple Ascent Adjustable Base

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    Why Our Sleep Experts® Love It

    "Purple absolutely knocked it out of the park with the new Ascent Adjustable Base. The finishing touches are beautiful! Love the modern sleek look of the gray fabric overlay and wooden legs. Motor is extremely quiet (while supporting up to 2000lbs!!) Comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a top of the line adjustable base, at a fraction of the price!"- Kyle Benish, Sleep Expert

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    Designed to help improve your sleep quality and daily comfort, the Ascent® Adjustable Base provides premium, customizable support for your mattress at an affordable price. Use the Sitting preset to get work done from the comfort of bed. Give Zero-Gravity a try for a near-weightless feel. Select Anti-Snoring mode to quiet your partner. Once you experience all that an adjustable base has to offer, you’ll never go back to your old bed frame.


    • Incredibly Strong: Passed over a dozen rigorous durability tests, holds up to 2,000 pounds*, and has reinforced joints to help prevent squeaking.
    • Surprisingly Simple: Can be set up in less than a few minutes – no tools required and no incomprehensible instructions to decipher.
    • Beautifully Stylish: Gives you the look of a stylish mid-century modern frame without the traditionally high prices.
    • Customization is in the palm of your hands. With an easy-to-use remote, you can find the right position with the press of a button.
    • Not only is it adjustable, but it also comes with three reprogrammable presets.
    • Rocket science for your bedroom. Press the Zero-Gravity button for near-weightless sitting or relaxation.
    • Snore no more! The Anti-Snore preset elevates your head to reduce snoring, helping you – and your partner – sleep better.


    • Fits Within Most Bed Frames
    • The Ascent width and length dimensions are 0.5” shorter than the mattress to accommodate that
    • More than just comfortable, the base includes built-in USB ports on each side to keep devices powered and outlets freed up.


    • Sleek, Intuitive Remote
    • Easy Up/Down buttons for the head and foot sections
    • Remote batteries included
    • Two customizable preset buttons
    • One-touch Flat position setting
    • Patented Zero-Gravity position, scientifically angled for comfort
    About purple
    Why Purple? Well, why not? The Purple® Mattress has managed to put everything into an undeniably comfortable mattress at a price you won’t believe. Featuring breathable materials, a unique grid top layer, memory foam and zero-motion technology, Purple mattresses are designed to fit everyone’s needs. Whether you share the bed, can’t choose between soft and firm, or switch from belly to back all night, the Purple Bed was created to adapt to you. Choose from such Purple accessories as an adjustable bed, platform frames, pillows, sheets and mattress protectors and let science tuck you in.
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