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Mattress Firm Employees Use the Friends & Family Discount

At Mattress Firm’s Friends & Family Sale, we’re offering the deals we save for our closest friends and family to every customer – 20% off top mattresses and accessories. Plus, the offer is stackable on-top of current offers – so you can save even more throughout the sale.

Here are a few of Mattress Firm's employees from around the country discussing how they've been able to use their discount to help give the gift of a better night's sleep to someone they love.

Scott VanCampen, Salt Lake City

Scott VanCampen

Laura Gernaat, Austin TX

Laura Gernaat


At Mattress Firm, you can rest easy, because we treat you like family. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your sleep than with Mattress Firm’s Friends & Family Sale.

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