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Buying Guide: Selecting a Bed for Someone Else

The holiday season is all about spoiling your loved ones. So whether you're thinking about gifting someone with a mattress or replacing the mattress in your guest bedroom, there has never been a better time to upgrade someone else's sleep space! Mattress Firm is making room for all 2019 models, offering unbeatable savings during the  Year End Closeout Event.

From December 5 - December 21, you can save big on Beautyrest beds store-wide, with a Beautyrest Queen mattress as low as $397 and get up to 70 percent off  floor models!

With savings like these, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a good night's sleep? While buying a mattress for someone else may seem daunting, we're here to help you find the best bed to buy.

We want to make it easy for you to give the gift of sleep with little to no stress. From the convenient Mattress Firm locations in  every community to amazing prices that won't come back to haunt your dreams, we want to help you invest in your loved ones' rest.

5 Tips to Buy a Mattress You're Not Planning to Sleep On

Here are a few things to consider if you're buying a mattress for someone else:

1. Familiarize yourself with how they sleep.

There are many variables that go into mattress buying, so set yourself up for success by doing some research on your recipient's sleep preferences before heading into the store. Do they sleep on their stomach or their back? Are they used to a firm mattress or a soft one? Knowing as much as you can about his or her favorite sleep positions, preferred firmness and ideal size will help you narrow down the options and leave your loved one with the perfect mattress.

If you're using this mattress to upgrade your guest bed, it is best to find a mattress that fits all sleep types. This way, your guest bedroom is comfortable for anyone who stops by for a visit. Purchasing a firm mattress, such as the  Beautyrest Greenwood will provide your guests with enough comfort and support to keep them sleeping soundly.


2. Ask an expert.

Once you get in the store, be sure to share everything you know about your loved one's sleep preferences. Mattress Firm's  salespeople are experts when it comes to understanding your sleep needs, and all are trained to help you find the mattress that meets your needs — or the needs of your loved one. They can easily guide you in the right direction and help you decide which is the best bed to buy.

3. Test it yourself.

Your loved one isn't there to test the mattress for themselves, so you get the pleasure of doing it for them! Keep in mind all of their sleep preferences you might be aware of as you lay on the different options, and put yourself in your loved one's shoes to see which mattress you think they would enjoy most. If you don't know much about their sleep preferences, default to the “Goldilocks Test." Try the different mattresses out and go with one that's not too firm or too soft.

A good in-between for either your guest bedroom or a loved one, is the  Beautyrest Recharge. With a luxury firm pillow top, this mattress provides a unique feel that is both soft and supportive. Try this and  similar options in-store today!


4. Look for a good deal.

At Mattress Firm, we want to make it easy for you to give the gift of sleep at a price you can afford. Your dollar stretches further at Mattress Firm, so don't hesitate to visit a location near you to browse the many mattress options we have available for any at every price point. And most of all, don't forget to take advantage of  our sales, so you can get even more for your dollar.

5. Don't forget the sleep trial.

Even with all of your research and planning, there's a chance you may just miss the mark. But you should encourage your loved one to speak up, if you do! Even if they don't love their new mattress, they can rest easy — Mattress Firm gives you room for error and makes it simple for guests to exchange or return a mattress that doesn't meet their requirements. After giving it a chance for at least 30 nights, if shoppers still aren't satisfied within 120 days of original delivery, we will do our best to match them to the perfect mattress. Click  here to learn more about our 120-Night Sleep Trial.

Whether you're buying a mattress for your parents, guest bed or dearest friend, sleep is the gift that keeps on giving. There's nothing quite like the gift of a good night's rest — so stop by your  nearest Mattress Firm and treat someone (or yourself) to a quality night of sleep. Spoil yourself with sleep and indulge in the mattress of your  dreams at Mattress Firm's  Year End Closeout Event.

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