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Sleep Tips

Wedding Season Part 1: Don’t Let Wedding Season Crash Your Sleep


Summer is the most popular time to get married – in 2014, nearly 40 percent of weddings occurred between May and August. This season can be a fun and festive time to celebrate special couples in your life. But, weddings can also be back-to-back headers with little to no sleep in between. Nothing can ruin the fun of a joyful celebration faster than fatigue and sleepiness. Here are a few ideas on how to sleep better and maintain your sleep health through wedding season.

Tips for Maintaining Your Sleep Schedule During Wedding Season

1. Stick to your normal sleep schedule.

Do your best to keep your sleep schedule steady in order to help you stay well rested. Of course, this is especially difficult when weddings can require travel and/or last late into the night and past your normal bedtime. It may be counter-intuitive, but one of the best tips to sleep well is that it’s not wise to sleep in later than you typically would– even after a late night. Consistency helps synchronize your sleep time with your internal body clock so your body is well prepared to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. If you do get sleep deprived this wedding season, catch up on sleep by going to bed earlier the next night – not sleeping in later the next morning.

2. Watch your alcohol intake.

Let’s be honest, this can be especially difficult at weddings where many of the receptions have lots of toasts. However, to keep your sleep schedule on track, it’s best to stick to drinks that take longer to ingest (e.g., beer instead of liquor) and avoid alcohol at least three hours before bedtime.

3. Take advantage of travel plans for quick naps.

Use time spent on a plane or in the passenger’s seat of the car to catch up on sleep. Napping is a great way to gain some sleep time that you might have missed out on during a wedding the night before. The most recommended time for naps is 20-30 minutes on the short end, or 90 minutes on the long end. Sleep any more or less than that and you might find yourself waking up feeling even more sleep-deprived than you did before you took the nap.

4. Use your weekdays to rest up and stay on track.

During wedding season, when weddings can be scheduled on back-to-back weekends, it’s crucial to stick to your regular sleep routine during the week. Sleep and health are inter-connected, so it’s also a good idea to plan out healthy meals and get your exercise in before the big events. Receptions are a great place to mingle and chow down, but those calories can add up and cause a change in your sleep quality. But don’t beat yourself up if you overindulge at a wedding – just move on and get back on track the next day.

While weddings can be fun and exciting events, it’s important to maintain healthy sleep habits to make sure you don’t fall behind. If you do lose sleep, however, don’t fret – just get back on track and plan for a solid night’s sleep following the celebration weekend. Your body will definitely remember to send you a timely thank-you note, even if the happy couple forgets.

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