Why You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping on the Floor

Whether it be sleeping with socks on or having a glass of milk before bed, people will try just about anything to achieve the perfect night’s sleep. Since the dawn of time, sleepers have drifted off on everything from piles of leaves and sticks to dark, dirty cave floors. To get the best from your rest, is it necessary to take it back to basics? What are, if any, the benefits of sleeping on the floor?

Let’s break down how sleeping on the floor could affect your health and sleep routine.

Should you be sleeping on the floor?

Sleep Style — What’s your position?

Finding a good sleep position is essential to getting a great night’s sleep. On a flat surface, it might be difficult to maintain your routine sleeping style. (Ah, the toils of tossing and turning!) However, floors lack the structure and support you find with a mattress designed specifically for your sleep position, making getting (and staying) comfortable an issue. From side to stomach sleepers, a night of sleep on the floor could keep you from a quality night of Zzzz’s.

Sleep Temperature — Going out cold

No two people sleep the same, and depending on the surface, like tile or hardwood, sleeping on the floor could impact how you regulate your body temperature. Going to sleep on a cold floor might make your sleep a little too chill. With nothing between you and the bare surface of the ground, your sleep environment could, understandably, be less than cozy.

Sleep Sufferers — Does the floor have your back?

For sleepers with chronic issues like back pain and seasonal allergies, sleeping on the floor could make getting rest much worse. Floors aren’t always as clean as we believe and for those sensitive to allergens like dust, animal dander and pollen, falling asleep on the floor could be a nightmare.

For back pain sufferers especially, sleeping on the floor could be doing more harm than good. Sleepers with chronic back pain know the struggles of getting a good night’s sleep. People who experience chronic back pain should be concerned with proper alignment and seek out a sleep solution that brings the right combination of support and elevation to help ease strain. So, is sleeping on the floor good for your back? Flat chance. 😉

When it comes to getting good rest, it’s best done on the right mattress. Whether you’re considering sleeping on a floor or even sleeping on a couch, a bed is better for bedtime.

Thinking it’s about time you stepped up your sleep space? The right mattress will conform to your body and make falling asleep a dream. Start your search with a trip to Mattress Firm to build out your bedroom. Rest assured, one visit to a Mattress Firm location or shop online at MattressFirm.com, so you can grab everything from cooling pillows to comforters in prep for the summer.

Happy sleeping!

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