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Mattress Type Guide

Finding the perfect mattress means figuring out what is the best mattress type for your sleep needs and comfort preferences. The right mattress construction can make all the difference. Learn about the most common mattress types using our guide below.
A traditional innerspring mattress is the most popular mattress type and is constructed with interlocked spring coils.
Innerspring mattress
Memory Foam
Soft, conforming support cradles your body for responsive pressure point relief in this all-foam mattress type.
Memory foam mattress
The right balance of support and softness, hybrid mattresses include the best of both foam and spring technologies.
Hybrid mattress
Mattress in a Box
The convenience of a mattress in a box makes purchasing and receiving your mattress easier than ever.
Bed in a box mattress
Air Mattress
Air mattresses use a vinyl bladder system filled with air, which provides the core support of the mattress.
Air mattress

What mattress type is right for you?

Innerspring mattresses
The innerspring mattress is one of the oldest and most popular technologies available in the mattress industry. Innerspring mattresses use a core support system made of metal springs or coils. This mattress type offers the widest variety of comfort options and is available at almost every price point to meet any budget.
Available in a range of prices and comfort options. Provides a supportive, firm feel for pressure point relief.
Overall firmer feel may not be right for those seeking softness. Not all innerspring mattresses are adjustable base compatible.
Memory Foam Mattresses
Memory foam is a denser polyurethane foam that, instead of compressing under pressure, is designed to soften and conform to the shape of the body when pressure or heat is applied. Memory foam mattresses are popular because they help provide pressure relief, support and increased motion separation.
Memory foam mattresses are great for partners who share a bed because of the low motion transfer and are available in all mattress comfort levels, from ultra-plush to extra firm.
The adaptive properties of memory foam that help it conform to pressure may feel too soft for some sleepers. Warm sleepers may also want to consider cooling memory foam mattresses or gel memory foam.
Hybrid Mattresses
Hybrid mattresses combine the classic benefits of an innerspring coil support system with the added benefits of memory foam in order to provide enhanced support and appeal to more comfort preferences. Hybrid mattresses are a newer category in the mattress industry and offer the best of both worlds.
Best mattress for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Also a great option for couples looking for a compromise on mattress feel and firmness to fit their combined sleep needs.
The combination of mattress construction technologies, including foam and innerspring, can be more expensive. Memory foam layers may also be too soft for some sleepers.
Bed in a Box Mattresses
Mattresses in a box are commonly created with an all-foam construction. They differ from traditional all-foam mattresses in that they are compressed and rolled into a compact box rather than shipped flat. All you have to do is simply unpack your mattress in a box, roll it out and allow it to reach its full shape and comfort.
Arriving straight to your door in a compact shipping size, box mattresses make maneuvering tight spaces like stairways and corners painless. Mattresses in a box offer convenience and simplicity at affordable prices.
When first taken out of the box, the mattress may give a strong off-gassing odor that can take up to a few days to fully go away.
Air mattresses
Whether it be for camping, traveling, guests or sleepovers, air mattresses offer comfort, support and convenience at a moment's notice.
Air mattresses are easy to inflate and deflate fast with electric pump.
Shorter warranties and subject to punctures.

Why Finding the Right Mattress Type Matters

The type of mattress you choose has a significant impact on how well it will address your sleep needs and comfort preferences, so understanding each construction is key to making a choice you’ll be happy with. Fortunately, some mattress types allow you to enjoy different constructions in one mattress—hybrid mattresses feature both innerspring coils and foam materials—so you don’t have to choose just one. Mattress Firm's wide selection of mattress types, from traditional innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses to hybrid mattresses, mattress in a box, all-foam and air mattresses, we'll help you find the best bed for your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a pillow top mattress and Euro top mattress?

Pillow top, Euro top and Euro pillow top mattresses all have the addition of a second tape edge at the top of the mattress to allow room for the additional comfort foams included in these mattresses. A Euro top mattress features a firmer edge that offers a more consistent feel across the entire sleeping surface of the mattress. A pillow top mattress allows the comfort layers of the mattress to relax and expand, providing a softer, more conforming sleeping surface.

Which is better: innerspring coils or all-foam mattress construction?

Resilient and durable, innerspring coils resist gravity by lifting the body when they are compressed. Innerspring coils bounce back to their original shape when the sleeper or weight placed upon them is removed, creating a sleep system designed to last.

High-quality foams provide advanced support to the sleeper by contouring themselves to the curves of the body, allowing the sleeper's spine to remain in a neutral position.

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