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The right mattress construction can make all the difference.

Why Type Matters

The type of mattress you choose has a significant impact on how well it will address your needs, so understanding each construction is key to making a choice you’ll be happy with. Fortunately, some mattress types allow you to enjoy different constructions in one mattress—hybrid and pillow top mattresses both feature multiple materials—so you don’t have to choose just one. Whether it’s hybrid, pillow top, or a different construction—Mattress Firm features a selection of multiple mattress types, so you can get the right bed for your body. If you have no idea which type to start with, try thinking about a few key features of a mattress that are important to you, and then read on.

What Type is Right for You?


With a firmer feel and a variety of options, a traditional innerspring mattress is the most popular mattress type and is constructed with interlocked spring coils.

Ideal for: Back and stomach sleepers

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  • Available in a wide range of prices
  • Provides a supportive, firm feel for pressure point relief
  • Overall firmer feel may not be right for those seeking softness
  • Not all innerspring mattresses are adjustable base compatible

Memory Foam

Soft, conforming support cradles your body for responsive pressure point relief in this all-foam mattress type.

Ideal for: Side, back or stomach sleepers, and those seeking pressure point relief

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  • Available in all comfort categories, from ultra-plush to firm
  • Provides motion isolation; great for those who share their bed with a partner
  • Warm sleepers may want to consider cooling models or gel memory foam
  • Conforming feel may be too soft for some sleepers


The right balance of support and softness, hybrid mattresses include the best of both foam and spring technologies to create a superior sleep surface.

Ideal for: Couples, side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers

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  • Great for couples compromising on mattress feel or firmness
  • Available in a wide range of comforts and materials
  • Combination of technologies, including foam and innerspring, can be more expensive
  • May feel too soft for some sleepers

Encased Coil

Responsive and adaptive, encased coils are individually wrapped in fabric to minimize motion transfer and offer fine-tuned, localized support.

Ideal for: Sleepers seeking a more responsive version of traditional innersprings with heightened motion isolation

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  • Maximized motion isolation
  • Localized, fine-tuned support
  • May be too firm for some sleepers who prefer a soft mattress
  • Upgraded material and construction may be more expensive than a basic innerspring

Gel Memory Foam

Dissipating heat for enhanced air circulation, gel memory foam provides the benefits of traditional memory foam while balancing sleep temperature.

Ideal for: Sleepers who want enhanced temperature control and the feel of memory foam

Shop Gel Memory Foam
  • Provides all the benefits of conventional memory foam
  • Dissipates heat more effectively than conventional memory foam for temperature balance
  • Due to its additional durability and cooling properties, can be slightly pricier than other materials
  • Conforming feel may be too soft for some sleepers

Pillow Top

With an additional comfort layer stitched atop an innerspring or foam mattress, a pillow top mattress provides extra surface softness and cushion.

Ideal for: Side sleepers and those seeking firm support with a touch of cushion

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  • Extra cushioning doesn’t compromise support
  • Option to have a firm mattress without giving up softness
  • Often requires deep pocket sheets to accommodate extra layers
  • Can be too soft for some sleepers

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