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For over 140 years, delivering superior comfort, support and durability for great zzz's—no matter what your size, shape or sleep position.

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Since 1881, Sealy ® has been a major player in the mattress industry, and one of its most recognized brands as well. When you're that successful, it's important to retain brand equity. But it's also important to keep things fresh and relevant. You don't want revolution. Instead you want evolution. The newly refocused, refreshed, and refined Sealy continues to deliver support that 's right for you™. At Sealy, we take pride in the fact that our customers have always been able to rely on us for the unsurpassed support, unrivaled durability, and enduring comfort that lead to a truly great night's sleep. And because of our proven, proprietary Posturepedic ®support, we can provide the body-conforming, full-body support you need—no matter what your shape, size, or comfort preference. We believe deeply that by continuing to focus on and engage with the remarkable, and remarkably diverse individuals who entrust their sleep to us—the dreamers and the doers, the big and the small, the newly hired and the newly retired—we will never lose sight of what matters to us, and to them.