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Mattress Comfort Guide

Finding the right comfort level is one of the most important considerations for a new bed. Take a look at what sets each mattress firmness category apart, as well
as which comfort level suits which sleepers best.
Firm mattress
Firm icon
Firm and extra firm mattresses are constructed with a focus on durable support layers and do not typically have extra cushioning top layers. As a result, firm beds are often thinner. Firm mattresses are available in a variety of mattress types, including innerspring, all foam, latex and hybrid.

Who is a firm mattress good for?
Great for back sleepers and stomach sleepers who prefer to have a firmer sleep surface to properly support their bodies. Firm mattresses are for people who want a stable, supportive feel, but also want the option to add extra cushioning in the form of a plush mattress topper for extra comfort.
Medium image.jpg
Medium icon
Made in the widest array of materials and constructions, medium comfort mattresses have the largest variability of firmness. These mattresses often are available in several comfort subcategories, including medium-firm, medium-plush and luxury-firm.

Who is a medium mattress good for?
Medium comfort mattresses are great for all sleeper types, including back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. For people who have back pain, a medium firm mattress can help provide the best rest with a combination of support and comfort layers. Medium mattresses are also good for people who do not specifically require either the firmest or softest mattress.
plush image.jpg
Plush icon
Plush mattresses have multiple layers of cushioning foam for ultimate comfort on top of a supportive core and as a result are usually thicker mattresses. They are available in multiple mattress construction types, from memory foam to hybrid to innerspring. Pillow top and Euro top mattresses often fall into the plush comfort category.

Who is a plush mattress good for?
Plush mattresses are the best for side sleepers because the extra comfort layers help cradle the curves of the body for a restful night’s sleep. They give excellent support to lighter sleepers and can help provide relief for sleepers prone to uncomfortable pressure points or joint pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comfort level makes the best mattress for back pain?

For those who suffer from back pain, it can be common to hear that you need a firmer mattress. However, depending on your sleep position, purchasing a rock-solid bed can actually make your back pain worse. Instead, when searching for the best mattress for back pain, take into consideration your sleep position above all else.

The best mattress for back pain and pressure point relief is one that’s both comfortable and supportive based on your sleep position.

What is the difference between mattress support and mattress comfort?

Often, mattress construction is viewed as consisting of two parts: the comfort layers and the support layers. This is because the right mattress serves two main functions: providing proper support for the sleeper's back and spine, and providing a comfortable sleeping surface.

The support of a mattress is designed to place the sleeper's body in an ideal position that provides proper spinal alignment and suits the natural curvature of the back. The comfort of a mattress is a personal preference based on your sleep needs.

A common misconception is that, in order for a mattress to offer proper support, it must be uncomfortable and have a firm feel. However, it's entirely possible to have a soft-feeling mattress that offers proper support, as well as a firm-feeling mattress that offers improper support.

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