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Bed Basics

Get Matched with Sandy Smith

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There’s no sleep like the sleep you get on a bed perfectly matched to you. And there’s no one better than a Sleep Expert® at Mattress Firm to help match you to that ideal mattress for you. Our Sleep Experts have over 200 hours of training to help them understand how to match you with your perfect bed to get the sleep you need to be your best. Whether you're struggling with back pain or insomnia or just looking to upgrade your sleep setup, the Sleep Experts® have the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Senior Store Manager and Sleep Expert® Sandy Smith has been at Mattress Firm for 12 years and currently works at the Mattress Firm in Kyle, TX. She shares tips for approaching your bedtime routine and the importance of pillow fittings.

What Is Your Sleep Philosophy?

My sleep philosophy is that the sleep choices you make today affect your tomorrow. Therefore, making responsible sleep decisions now is something your future self will be grateful for later.

What Is the Value of Getting Matched?

The value of getting matched is priceless! Every mattress is different, but so is your body, and what’s best for one person may not be the best for you. This is why reviews can help inform you, but reviews alone can’t tell you which bed is the best for you. Feel is subjective, and you may not like the same thing as the person who wrote the review you are reading online. But that’s where Sleep Experts® come in! We’re trained to listen and make recommendations accordingly.

I have had some guests go as far as sending me a thank you card for taking the time to listen to their issues and really make sure they got the right bed. I love it when this happens. Getting a good night's sleep can be life-changing. Not everyone can get a full eight hours, so we have to make the few hours we do get count, and it all starts with the right sleep system!

What Are Some of the Most Common Sleep Issues People Are Trying To Solve?

Some of the most common issues people look to solve when they come in are sleeping hot, having back or shoulder pain, and looking for something where they won’t disrupt their partner when they move or won’t roll into each other.

To try and help everyone get their perfect night of sleep, I always try to listen carefully to each person’s specific sleep issues and make recommendations that best help solve their issues.

I also understand that budget is very important to our guests. So, I always make sure to give the best recommendation within their budget.

What’s a Product People Often Overlook or Underestimate, and Why Is It Underrated?

A pillow. People don’t realize how much a pillow can affect your sleep or lack thereof. Most neck and shoulder pain is associated with not having the proper support from your pillow. You should replace your pillow every three to four years, in my opinion, as well as when you get a new bed.

People do not realize that a new mattress will provide proper support and pressure relief for your body but if you use your old pillow on your new bed, your head and neck may not be getting the support they need.

This is why pillow fitting is so important when buying a new mattress. The same pillow is not the best pillow for every person. It depends what position you sleep in, how broad your shoulders are, and your favorite pillow fill, which really depends on personal preference.

Additionally, adjustable bases always surprise people in-store. People have no idea how many options they have and that there is so much technology available to help with their sleep needs. My favorite one to show people to really WOW them is the ProSmart Base®—the sound wave technology is the best for reducing stress and anxiety. People are often amazed at the increased pressure relief, support and additional comfort that our Sleepy’s Adjustable bases have to offer.

If You Could Give People One Piece of Advice When Mattress Shopping, What Would It Be?

Come in with an open mind. We, as Sleep Experts, have a lot of training and great sleep information to share with you. There are a lot of sleep myths out there. We are here with your best interests in mind and want to get you matched to your perfect mattress to help you sleep well to live well!

What Are Your Favorite Mattresses, Pillows or Bases To Recommend?

Personally, my favorite mattress is the Tempur-Pedic ProBreeze® Medium Hybrid and the ProSmart Base. I have an adjustable base now, but I NEED the Wave Form™ massage in my life! Although, my husband thinks the more important thing is the auto-detect snoring feature...I do not snore! But my favorite may not be someone else’s favorite. This is why it’s so important to go in person when mattress shopping; you have to try things out for yourself to find your favorite.

Do You Have Any Sleep Tips You Love Sharing? What Are They?

Creating a sleep routine helps your mind and body prepare for rest, making falling asleep much easier. I have a bedtime routine for my kids, but once my watch vibrates to tell me it's bedtime, I start my own routine. First, I kick the A/C down one degree, wash my face, brush my teeth, turn on my fan, tell Google to turn on ocean sounds, and then I crawl into my Tempur-Pedic with the cooling sheets, and I'm out in five minutes!

What’s Your Bedtime Routine?

As a mom of four, my bedtime routine is a three-phase routine. First, I bathe the baby, turn on her sound machine, rock her for five to 10 minutes while singing lullabies, and then tuck her in. The second phase is helping my elementary-age boys make their beds while they put away their toys and send them off to brush their teeth. As my boys brush their teeth, my 11-year-old daughter and I lie in her bed while we talk about our day since she’s already gone through her bedtime routine.

Once I’ve settled all my kids in, I can finally start on my routine. I change into my PJs, brush my teeth, wash my face, and do my skincare routine. I turn on my sound machine, make sure my phone is on "sleep mode," and hit all the lights!

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