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Tips for Making Your Guest Room Wow-Worthy This Summer

Finally, the warm weather is upon us! From weekends laying out in the yard to planning family barbecues, summer is the perfect time of year to catch some well-deserved downtime. But before we can get to all the good things that summer brings, it's important to acknowledge that summer is also a time when many of us must take on the task of preparing our homes for guests.

From buying scented candles and making sure all the towels are fresh to upgrading that hand-me-down mattress in your guest room, we all know the importance of making loved ones feel welcome and at home. Before your guests come knocking at the door, we want to help you dodge the stress and jump straight to catching some rays.

Here are some of our favorite ways to “wow" your guests this summer, without overspending:

Making Your Guest Room Wow-Worthy

1. Make It Cozy

We don't know about you, but when we think of guest rooms, we often think of a stuffy room with pilling sheets, outdated quilts and a creaky uncomfortable bed. There's nothing better than staying in a guest room that far exceeds your comfort expectations.

Your guest bedroom should be on par with a great hotel. Provide soft bedding and pillows, spare blankets, quality bathroom amenities, a good television or Bluetooth speaker and maybe even some spare chargers. Essentially, make the room somewhat of an oasis with everything your guests would ever need.

If you want to go the extra mile, light some candles, leave out the latest magazines and even provide snacks, medicine and waters. Some guests are hesitant to ask for too much from the host; create a guest room where your visitors have everything they need and more so they don't need to worry about bothering you — even though a good host should make it clear that guest's needs are never a bother!

2. Keep It Clean

This should be a given, but we'll say it anyway: always make sure the guest room and bathroom are cleaned and stocked with fresh linens. Nothing will make your guests feel less welcome than being shoved into a seemingly unkempt room.

  • Wash the bed sheets and make the bed the day before your guests arrive so they can feel and smell freshness. You can even spritz the sheets and bedding with linen spray to guarantee a refreshing smell.
  • Stack up clean towels of all sizes in the bathroom so they are easily accessible and leave a little note where to find more, if necessary.

3. Update What You Can

Raise your hand if you're guilty of shoving an old mattress in your guest room. We're sure most of us are guilty of this one. Just like you want to sleep on a comfy bed, your loved ones don't want to sleep on an expired mattress that sags in the middle.

If the mattress in your guest bedroom is getting old, it's time for a new one. At Mattress Firm, you'll get the best comfort and quality for your dollar, allowing your guests to sleep soundly and your bank account to stay in the green.

4. Incorporate Small Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

If your mattress isn't quite old enough to replace but you want to give your bed new life, invest in an adjustable base. An adjustable base is a great way to breathe new life into your guest room and upgrade all your visitor's sleeping experience. Adjustable bases have the power to move your mattress into a variety of positions from reclining to inclining, which helps you get situated in the most comfortable sleep position for your body. Because of their adaptability, adjustable bases can be suitable for visitors young and old looking for comfortable rest while out of their usual routine.

It doesn't take too much to make your guests comfortable, but going above and beyond for them this holiday season will ensure they feel welcome and don't dread their next stay. For more tips and tricks to keep you sleeping and saving more, all summer long, follow us on social media  @MattressFirm.

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