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Four Easy Ways to Create a Welcoming Guest Room on a Budget

When it comes to your home, a guest room can become an afterthought. You might not consider your guest room until you're rushing to refresh towels and sheets and to make sure the room is tidy at the last-minute. It may be clean for your guests' arrival, but is it comfortable? Functional? Does it make your guests feel at home? Whether you've moved into a new home or apartment, want an overhaul of your current guest room or a just a refresh, these tips will help you do just that — all while staying within your budget.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Guest Room

1. Build your budget.

Are you doing a full revamp of your guest room, or just a quick refresh? Are you starting from scratch in a new home or apartment? Your budget is key to determining how big of a change you can make in the room and how much flexibility you have to add fun décor items. Regardless of your budget, however, it's best to focus on essentials first — like a Sleepy's mattress that starts at a mere $149.

2. Functionality is key.

Functionality goes together with the basics in your guest room, so don't skimp on the essentials. Your mattress, sheets and pillows should be comfortable and good quality. Getting a simple but functional nightstand will help your guests feel at home, too. Make sure to keep essential toiletries in the bathroom: shampoo, body wash, towels and toothpaste. As a finishing touch, you can add a luggage rack for your guests to stay organized, and double-check that any closets have extra clothes hangers.

3. Get comfortable.

Test out your guest room for the night. Sleeping in the room will give you the full experience that a guest will have in your home. Pay attention to the comfort of your bed and pillows and make sure the sheets are soft and nonirritating. Make sure the blinds or curtains allow your guests to choose how much natural light comes in. Is there enough air flow? Is the room temperature comfortable? You won't know unless you stay in the room overnight, and guests may be hesitant to tell you if they're uncomfortable.

And on top of that, don't forget that you might even need a night or two in there if you're sick, recovering from surgery or just need some you time.

4. Rest and relax.

Once all the essentials are in order, you can use the rest of your budget for fun additions that will make your guests' experience even more enjoyable. For example, if you have blinds in the room, you may want to add blackout curtains for light and temperature control. Candles are also a great addition to any guest room, or essential oil diffusers, which are a safer and more affordable option to help your guests wind down. Adding fun spa-like bath and body products like scrubs or bath/shower oils can make also your guest room feel luxurious on a budget.

Your guest room can be an enjoyable, relaxing getaway for your guests without breaking your bank. Use these four tips to revamp and refresh your guest room on a budget and trust us, your guests will notice — and appreciate — the little things.

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