7 Ways to Prep Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season also means holiday guests… which, in turn, means time to get your house in order! It goes without saying that a good cleaning is on your to-do list, but to truly make your home comfortable and inviting, there’s a lot more holiday prep you can do.

Here are Protect-A-Bed’s top holiday prep tips for your home.

1. Make your home safe.

If it’s snowing outside, shovel and deice the walkway. Replace blown light bulbs and add lighting where necessary to ensure no one is fumbling in the dark. If your guests will include toddlers and infants, store away dangerous objects, childproof outlets, cabinets, and more. Also, if your tub or shower is slippery, install a rubber mat.

2. Make space.

Free up outlets for guests to charge their phones. Clear out some room in your closets and drawers so guests have a place to store clothing and personal items. Create some accommodations for their toiletries (such as a small basket on the sink), and leave some open hooks on the coat rack.

3. Stock up.

For starters, replenish your supply of hand soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. Even if you drink your coffee black, your guests may take theirs with cream and sugar, so keep some on hand. Buy plenty of snacks and drinks, making for an easy grab if someone is hungry or thirsty. An extra thoughtful idea is to purchase some travel-sized toothpaste and deodorant, plus disposable razors, shaving cream, floss, shampoo, soap, etc. in the event a guest forgot something. New sweatpants, shorts, slippers, and pajamas are also easily-forgotten items that help guests feel comfortable in your home.

4. Declutter.

More people equals less space. To help prevent your guests from feeling cramped, find ways to reduce clutter. For example, remove unnecessary kitchen items from the countertops and place them in the cabinets. Also, store summer-related items in the garage, put away shoes, recycle old magazines and newspapers, plus organize your desk, shelves, and coffee tables.

5. Make your home functional.

Some of your guests may stay up late or be early risers. Ensure they have what they need to keep themselves occupied when others are asleep. This can include reading lights, WiFi access, and a TV in their room. Consider upgrading your cable package for the holiday season so there are plenty of channels to choose from. A bedside alarm clock may also be helpful to keep them on schedule if their wakeup times differ from yours.

6. Make your home festive.

With all the effort you put into decluttering, you don’t want to fill your space with a bunch of knick-knacks. That said, a tasteful holiday accent here and there, plus some fresh-cut flowers, can certainly help put your guests in the holiday spirit.

7. Provide comfortable bedding.

There’s a reason why people say they miss “sleeping in their own bed” when they travel. While you can’t replicate the comfort and peaceful feeling they experience in their own home, you can make your bed as comfortable as possible. Hypoallergenic linens, supportive pillows, a comfortable and supportive mattress, plus protection from pollen, mold spores, and dust mites, can help ensure your guests sleep soundly. If you’re expecting young children or a guest with incontinence issues, installing mattress protection can help prevent damage.

Mattress Firm knows you cannot please everyone but to keep complaints to a minimum and ensure your guests are comfortable during their stay, this is a good start.

About The Author

Rose Hudecki

As a mother of two kids under the age of two, Rose Hudecki is focused on creating a healthy environment for her adorable little boys, Daniel and Michael. Rose knows first-hand that a good night’s sleep is essential to helping her boys thrive as they pursue one growth milestone after the next. She’s also learned that having young children can dramatically disrupt the household’s sleep patterns. As a result, Rose and her husband are finding creative ways to get the quality sleep they need, adjusting their schedules to succeed in their careers and as parents. This is something Rose practices and preaches daily in her role as a key account manager with Protect-A-Bed. Rose works closely with Mattress Firm’s team to educate store associates on the importance of establishing a healthy sleep environment, so they can share this important message with their customers. Rose’s passion for quality sleep has led to her role as a spokesperson for Protect-A-Bed, where she touts the numerous benefits of mattress protection. Rose hopes her advice will give parents the peace of mind that their children will be safeguarded from dust mites and allergens lurking in their mattresses and pillows. Furthermore, she assures parents that a child’s night-time accident won’t ruin a mattress – and it doesn’t have to completely disrupt the night, either. Rose lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Drew, who is a firefighter and her two boys. The key to Rose’s best night sleep? Spending time with her close-knit family, including her parents, two sisters and nieces. Besides, family time is most enjoyable when everyone is well-rested!

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