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4 Tips to Help You Break in Your Bed

Have you ever wondered how to break in a new bed or how long it takes to break in a new mattress?

Let’s say you just went through an in-store mattress selection process and had your brand new bed delivered to your home. You excitedly dress up your newest prized possession in cozy, warm bed sheets and add your favorite pillows to top it off. You’re so excited to sleep in your new bed; you can’t even wait one second longer.

But, as you climb into bed, you realize something is off. This doesn’t feel like the comfortable and plush bed you tested in the store. You may be concerned: “my mattress is too firm —how is this possible when it felt plush and cozy just a week ago?”

Before you start to worry, this is common! Here are some tips for adjusting to a new mattress and how to break it in to that oh-so-comfy stage a little quicker.

How long does it take to adjust to a new mattress?

Most mattresses take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to fully “break in.” Your new mattress may be different from your old one, or it may seem stiff from its newness, and thus may seem uncomfortable for a little while. Like a new pair of shoes, the mattress materials haven’t had time to soften and conform to your body. So, if you’re concerned and thinking, “how to make my mattress softer,” give it some time!

It also takes your body a little time to get used to a new bed. If you have been sleeping on an old or the wrong mattress for years, your body wasn’t getting the proper support it needed while sleeping. A new mattress will provide the support and comfort your body needs to fully relax but it will take a little time for your body to adjust.

If you received your new mattress and aren’t as happy with it right away as you expected to be, don’t give up just yet — your mattress might just need to break in some more. Here are 4 tips for breaking in a new mattress:

Tips For Breaking In A New Mattress

1. Let your mattress breathe.


As soon as you get your new mattress, you’ll be tempted to dress it up in new bedding — but it’s actually best to let the mattress breathe for a few hours before doing so. This allows the mattress materials to get some oxygen flow, allowing for a better night’s sleep.

2. Put on the pressure.


If you’re specifically concerned with the mattress firmness and find yourself thinking “my mattress is too hard,” then it’s time to bring on the pressure. To break in your mattress a little quicker, try gently walking around on it, or use your hands and feet to put some pressure on it. This will help loosen up the materials and make it easier for the new mattress to begin conforming to your body.

3. Bring on the heat.


This is especially important if you purchased a memory foam mattress. Memory foam softens when it is warmed, which is why it is able to easily conform to your body. Turn up the heat in your room to allow the memory foam to soften even more. Even just a few degrees can make a big difference.

4. Remember: it’s worth the wait.


It’s important to remember that your new mattress takes time to adjust to your body. Make sure to sleep on your new bed every night during the break in period to ensure that your new mattress has a chance to loosen and stretch. And, just like your favorite pair of comfy shoes, your new mattress will conform to your body over time. If you’re flustered with the break-in period, just remember that the wait is worth it and you’ll be on your way to sleeping happy in no time.

If you do make it through the break-in period and still aren’t happy with your purchase, Mattress Firm’s return policy is here to help.

If you’re not satisfied anytime within 120 nights from original delivery, we’ll accept a return or exchange so that you can sleep well on the mattress of your dreams.

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  1. William J Carmody says:

    There is a large spread in pricing
    from a mattress costing $5,000 vs one for $500. Is the breaking
    Process the same for both. My
    daughter works for a huge Mfg
    and marketing company. I am
    passing this information on to her. I will put this info on my Facebook page, but would like an email copy to me also if possible! Thanks in Advance!

  2. Tina Macdonnell says:

    I don’t think you thought of the fact that if your new mattress sends you to the chiropractor every time you sleep on it to break it in that it is a good mattress and one worth the wait.

  3. I recently bought a Evolve Chill Firm King Prime mattress and adjustable frame. I always sleep with the head elevated and the feet slightly elevated. Is it better to return the mattress to the flat position every morning or can I just leave it elevated long term without any permanent deformation to the mattress ?

    • The Daily Dozers says:

      Hi Pete!
      We don’t believe you will experience any issues. We advise adjustable base owners to return it to a flat position, or if you prefer, we recommend saving it to your favorite position. Either way, you should have no issues. Happy sleeping!

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