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How to Save Money by Protecting Your Mattress

Let’s face it… the cost of living is getting more and more expensive — from houses and food to gas and utility bills, you’re paying more for the necessities than ever before.

Depending on your age, you may have already seen your cost of living triple, quadruple, or even more during your lifetime. With inflation showing no signs of slowing down, it makes sense to do everything you can to make things last.

For example, your mattress is a “must have” item that also represents a sizable investment. Just like your car, you use it every day, and eventually, it will wear out and need replacement. In fact, many experts recommend replacing mattress every 7-9 years, and pillows at least once a year.

Fortunately, if you protect your mattress and take good care of it, you can make it last many years longer, and save lots of money in the process. Same goes for your pillows.

By protecting your mattress and mattress pads, you can typically extend their life even longer. This amounts to more than $2,000 in savings, not to mention higher-quality sleep over the life of your mattress. A properly protected pillow can also be expected to double its usable lifespan.

3 Tips to Protect Your Mattress

If this sounds good to you, here are our top pillow and mattress protection tips:

1. Install mattress protection.

Unprotected mattresses and mattress pads act like sponges as they accumulate sweat, spills, accidents, dust mites, mold, and mildew. If you’re unlucky, a mattress can harbor bed bugs too. Over time, a mattress also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Fortunately, a quality mattress protector, available at Mattress Firm, locks liquids, insects, and allergens out, adding years to the life of your mattress. The waterproof mattress encasement offers 360-degree protection from all common mattress destroyers, sleep inhibitors, and allergy inducers.

2. Install pillow protection, too.

of the gross things that accumulate in your mattress find their way into your pillow too. Worse yet, that places a host of allergens right next to your face, where you can breathe them in all night. Allergies suck, but Mattress Firm’s quality pillow protectors offer the same barrier mattress protectors do, delivering a full-coverage solution for your bedding. The AllerZip Allergy, Dust Mite & Bed Bug Proof Pillow Covers, 2-Pack keeps your pillows completely protected.

3. Purchase high-quality mattresses and pillows.

Although it’s tempting to save a few bucks on an entry-level mattress and pillows, consider that you will spend thousands of hours using them. This can pose health risks in terms of insufficient allergy protection, or proper support for your back and neck. In addition, cheap mattresses and pillows quite frankly won’t last as long. Mattress Firm doesn’t want you to get ripped off by the short-term allure of a cheap mattress. When you crunch the numbers, buying many cheap products may actually cost more than buying a couple of quality ones in the long run. It’s important to know that not all mattresses are created equal, either. A memory foam mattress will typically last much longer than a spring mattress, which can sag over time, and lacks memory foam’s natural resistance to dust mites and bed bugs. And as you would expect, memory foam makes for a longer-lasting pillow too.


Bringing all of these tips together can help you save money in the long run, and enjoy better sleep along the way!

About The Author

Rose Hudecki As a mother of two kids under the age of two, Rose Hudecki is focused on creating a healthy environment for her adorable little boys, Daniel and Michael. Rose knows first-hand that a good night's sleep is essential to helping her boys thrive as they pursue one growth milestone after the next. She’s also learned that having young children can dramatically disrupt the household’s sleep patterns. As a result, Rose and her husband are finding creative ways to get the quality sleep they need, adjusting their schedules to succeed in their careers and as parents. This is something Rose practices and preaches daily in her role as a key account manager with Protect-A-Bed. Rose works closely with Mattress Firm’s team to educate store associates on the importance of establishing a healthy sleep environment, so they can share this important message with their customers. Rose’s passion for quality sleep has led to her role as a spokesperson for Protect-A-Bed, where she touts the numerous benefits of mattress protection. Rose hopes her advice will give parents the peace of mind that their children will be safeguarded from dust mites and allergens lurking in their mattresses and pillows. Furthermore, she assures parents that a child’s night-time accident won’t ruin a mattress – and it doesn’t have to completely disrupt the night, either. Rose lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Drew, who is a firefighter and her two boys. The key to Rose’s best night sleep? Spending time with her close-knit family, including her parents, two sisters and nieces. Besides, family time is most enjoyable when everyone is well-rested!

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