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Sheet Smarts: Beat the Heat with the Best Sheets That Keep You Cool

It's summertime and you may find yourself looking for ways to beat the heat. After a long day in the sun, taking a break to nap in your bed can be relaxing unless you have the wrong bedding.

Certain bed sheets can create an uncomfortably hot sleep space making your bedroom even feel like a sauna. If you're on the hunt for ways to rest soundly during the hot months, here's a few things to keep in mind while shopping for summer bedding.

Routine Bed Sheet Check

Almost a third of our lives is spent sleeping, so it's important to invest in healthy sleep habits. To determine if your linens need replacing, take a few minutes to look at your bedding accessories in all rooms of your home for any visible fraying, discoloration, or tears.

Any of these aging signs indicate it is time to freshen up the room with new bedding. When you're shopping for the best sheets for your sleep, you'll want to keep in mind these three simple components: thread count, fabric, and color.

As you start shopping for new bed linen, remember to stop by any of our Mattress Firm stores to talk with one of our employees and touch and feel the linens before making a decision. Ordering online is convenient, but it's best to feel the fabric before buying, especially because you'll be sleeping on your bed all night long.

Down for the Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads used per square inch on a piece of fabric. When it comes to deciding which is best, some believe a higher thread count the better. That is not always the case.

If staying cooler is the goal, aim for a thread count in the 300-400 range. Sheets with very high thread counts can trap the heat within the fabric making it difficult for air to circulate and make you hot as you try to sleep.

Selecting the Best Fabric for You

When choosing a fabric, there are a few factors to keep in mind. To get the most breathability, consider material referred to as natural or “Au Naturel." These include cotton fabrics such as sateen, jersey, silk and bamboo.

Unlike synthetic fabrics, natural fibers allow for optimum air circulation and seem to be better equipped for keeping moisture out. This will help prevent against a sweaty, uncomfortable sleep.

Next, when you're picking out your bed sheets consider any allergies you or your family may have during the summer months. For example, if you sneeze and sniffle all night long, choose ones that are hypoallergenic to keep allergens such as dust mites and mold away from the fabric.

Crazy About Color

When it comes to choosing a color, you'll want to choose hues from the lighter side of the color spectrum that reflect heat. Especially for the warmer months, try to stick with neutral colors such as beige, sand, gray and sky blue.


Mattress Firm wants you to get used to sleeping great every night and we have all the bedding products you need at a great price. Finding the right sheets can set you up for a restful night of undisturbed sleep that will keep you from tossing and turning all summer long.

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