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Turning Your Office or Other Small Space into a Guest Bedroom

Do you feel a little claustrophobic at the thought of your visitors staying in your home over the holidays? If you feel like your home is running tight on space for visitors but you know the quality time is important, we have some solutions for you.

Ideas To Transform Your Office or Small Space Into A Guest Bedroom

Why force visitors to stay at a hotel or put yourself through the traumatizing experience that is home expansion when you can utilize every nook and cranny for comfy sleep space? Here are some of our favorite ways to turn small spaces into cozy guest rooms.

The Murphy Bed – The Best Solution For Home Offices

One of the best inventions for home office guest rooms is the Murphy bed. The bed can be easily tucked into a wall and disguised when it’s not in use, allowing a room that is usually an office or library to double as a cozy guest room. The best and most discrete Murphy beds fold up to show built in storage, shelving or a desk on the other side.

Be Sure You Have 6 or 7 Feet of Space Available

Plan accordingly based on the space you have in the room. Be sure to have about 6 to 7 feet of space, including the cabinet where the bed is stored and the space for the length of the bed when extended. Ideally, your guests should be able to walk around at least one side and the foot of the bed.

Murphy beds can be installed horizontally or vertically, so if you have a long wall and not as much floor space, try installing the bed horizontally.

Lofted Beds – Perfect For Offices & Small Spaces

If your office is too small or your budget is too tight to install a Murphy bed, another great way to make room for guests is with a lofted bed above a desk and shelves for those small spaces in your home. A lofted bed is similar to a bunk bed but instead of having two beds, there’s a top bunk that sits over a work station, couch or bookshelves.

The look will instantly bring you back to college, but there are several sophisticated designs that feature stained wood paneling and ladders so that the bed will blend effortlessly with its home office surroundings.

Consider The Age Of Your Holiday Guests

Be aware that guests will have to climb a ladder to get into bed, so if your guests are older or have limited mobility, this may not be the best option. However, this is proven to be a kid favorite – just don’t forget a guard rail in case you’ve got a sleep roller.

Day Bed – Great For Guest Bedrooms in Tiny Spaces

Day beds are little eye tricks for tight spaces; they look like trendy couches but conveniently double as beds when necessary. Decorate them however you wish during the day with throw pillows and blankets. At night, all you’ll need is a couple pillows and some sheets and your guests will be set for their stay.

Additionally, a ceiling-mounted curtain can be installed to give your guest a little privacy. This is the perfect option for apartments or lofts that don’t have extra rooms.

Don’t let visitors crowding your space for the holidays get the best of you this season. Remember it’s a happy time for celebrating and family, even if your mother-in-law overstays her welcome by several days. Good luck!

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