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    Sleep Tips
    Lullabies: A Timeless Sleep Aid for ChildrenLullabies have been used by parents to soothe fussy children for hundreds of years. Many parents find themselves humming the familiar tunes that soothed them when they were young, as they rock their own babies to sleep. Last night, as I sang to my wakeful 1-year-old a song my mother used to sing to me (replacing the name in the song with “Remy,” my daughter’s name), I thought about the way lullabies transcend culture and language around the world. We all have lullabies in one form or another. Timeless and universal, lullabies have been used for baby sleep training by parents from various backgrounds and traditions for centuries. What’s fascinating to me about lullabies is that no matter their origin, they all share the same soothing cadences and tones. Lullabies are a language in and of themselves; a language shared and experienced by parents and their babies from the earliest moments of life into adulthood as the tradition is passed from one generation to the next.