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The Ultimate Gift Guide for a Cozy Home

The key to a cozy home is having a place for everything. It's not restful or relaxing to have a lot of stuff and no place to put it. Help her out this year by choosing a gift that helps her stay organized and keeps things in their place. With a calm and welcoming home, she'll rest easy at night, knowing that everything is taken care of.

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A Table that Can Fit Anywhere

Few pieces are as useful as a side table. This cheerful  Avesta side table is like a mod ray of sunshine. With or without a tabletop lamp, it can also function as a bedside table for a place to put essentials, like an eye mask or bedtime story. Decorated with warm colors, this table will bring fashion and function to any room she decides to place it in.

A Comfortable Place to Sit with Secret Storage

classic storage bench can be placed in any room. Help her find a spot to keep cozy blankets in the bedroom or a place to sit and remove shoes at the end of a long day. It's as perfect for extra seating in a family room as it is for a spot at the end of the bed. The bench's cushioned top and neutral colors allows it fits in anywhere.

Cozy Gift Guide_Storage Chair.jpg

Help Her Unwind with Wine at the End of a Day

wine table is a perfect solution to a small space. For hosting a night in at home, this wine table offers storage for extra bottles. It's also a natural location to pour a relaxing glass of vino before a Netflix binge session.

Soft Lighting

The soft colors of this  ceiling lamp provide a gentle glow for cuddling up with a good book in a comfortable chair without cords and fuss.

Something for Her or the Kids

Small space seating can be difficult, but this  juvenile swivel chair is a perfect solution for making the kids feel more at home or just providing a place to fill in an awkward bedroom corner.

Cozy Gift Guide_Swivel Chair.jpg

A Hole in the Wall is Optional

Wall art that can be hung in any direction or doesn't even need to be hung at all is the perfect solution for brightening up a big empty wall or adding a point of interest in an otherwise humdrum room.

Storage Space for her Sparkles

There's nothing more frustrating than tangled necklaces and lost rings. Solve her the annoyance of fighting through the knots with this  jewelry armoire, featuring cute little hooks and nooks so that every piece has a place.

Cozy Gift Guide_Armoir.jpg

Keeping a cozy home is about more than just fluffy pillows and warm blankets on the bed. It means not having to worry about where to put things or how to straighten up. Gifting her these items will set her on the track to an organized home so that she can focus on important things, like having a good night's sleep.

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