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6 Gift Ideas for Sleepless Family Members

The season of giving is officially here! With an endless to-do list, gift shopping and holiday parties, it can be difficult to think of the perfect gift for each family member. But don't worry, because this year, Mattress Firm has you covered.

This holiday season, forget the fruit cake and festive sweaters. Give someone you love the greatest gift of all: a good night's sleep. After all, the holidays are a time to relax, right? We can all think of a few sleepless family members who could use a new bedroom addition. See below for our top list of sleep gifts to give your loved ones a few extra Zzz's.

1. Sleepy's Cool Pillow


Let's be honest. There is nothing better than a night of cool, quality sleep. And now, with the  Sleepy's Cool Pillow ($99), this is possible night after night. Sold exclusively at Mattress Firm, the Sleepy's pillow is perfect for a cool night of rest, especially when the heater is on full-blast. With its cooling surface technology, you will always be on the cool side of the pillow.

Plus, it's incredibly comfortable. As you sleep, this gel foam pillow contours to your head and neck providing a gentle, uninterrupted sleep. The holidays are a great time to relax by the fire and catch up on some sleep, making this the perfect gift for any family member on the “nice" list.

2. AllBirds Sleep Eye Mask


This luxury eye mask is a perfect gift for any one (or all) of your sleepless family members. Whether for your grandma, sister or mother, this cute and discrete eye mask is one of the best sleep gifts for her! Made from ZQ Certified Merino wool, this eye mask will keep your loved one comfy all night long.

Whether your loved one is an avid traveler or just needs the right conditions to get to sleep at night, this comfy eye mask will have them counting sheep in no time. And if you know your loved one to be a particular sleeper, include this sleep mask in a luxurious, relaxation inducing sleep gift basket.

3. Serta Deluxe Memory Foam Topper


One of our favorite gifts is one that provides both comfort and support. Do you know someone who is constantly complaining about back pain or could use a comfortable night of sleep? Then the  Serta Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress Topper ($129) is just what they need.

With two layers of supportive cushion and cooling gel memory foam, this topper will provide a solid night of sleep. As one of the best sleep gifts, your loved one will wake up feeling rested and relaxed.

4. PureCare Elements Premium Bamboo Sheet Set


Give your loved one the gift of luxurious comfort that they can indulge in night after night. These Terrene sheets are infused with bamboo rayon and luxury staple cotton to form a premium sateen weave, offering a gentle and rich comfort. While we often crave the hotel-quality bedding, we rarely purchase such simple luxuries for ourselves. So, don't let this item go unchecked on your sleepless family member's gift list, and treat them to the thing they want most this holiday season.

5. Lux Living Lightweight Down-Filled Comforter


Looking to literally warm someone up with your gift? It can be used year-round to provide a warm, cozy and luxurious sleep experience, making it the perfect sleep gift for her (or him). The  Lux Living Lightweight Comforter ($119) is filled with White Down, providing a super versatile level of warmth.

Giving any bed a crisp, stylish look, this comforter is light enough to leave on your bed during the warmer months, yet provides plenty of warmth during the winter. Plus, the blanket is finished with a lovely and luxurious 3-inch satin border.

6. Aromatherapy Lavender and Cedarwood 3-Wick Candle


This aromatherapy candle is just the thing your sleepless family member needs to relax. Scented with lavender and cedarwood, this candle is made with the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of soy-based wax and wicks that won't burn out. Estimated to burn between 25-45 hours, this candle melts consistently and evenly, radiating enough fragrance to fill an entire room. For hours of relaxation and enjoyment, this candle would make the perfect stocking-stuffer this holiday season!

With only a week left to complete all your holiday shopping, don't wait until the last minute to find the things your friends and family really want. At Mattress Firm, we will help you give each of your loved ones the present of their dream without breaking the bank. Find  your nearest Mattress Firm and get to giving!

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