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7 Unexpected Items to Include on Your Wedding Registry

If you've just said “yes" to the person of your dreams, there are many enjoyable wedding planning activities that jump onto your to-do list, from selecting the right dress or finding that picture-perfect venue. You might be surprised to learn that putting together your wedding registry should actually be one of your first tasks.

Once you've selected the typical items such as a blender, silverware and china, you may be stuck wondering what else to add to your registry.

We've got you covered with seven gifts you might not have considered that would be a great fit for your new home and life as a married couple.

1. Decorative Pillows

Use your registry as an opportunity to give your home a quick refresh. Nothing brightens up a plain couch better than colorful, fun pillows.

2. Daybed for Guests

After you get married, you may be more inclined to host friends and family for the holidays. Make sure they have something cozy and comfortable to sleep on. Think about upgrading from that air mattress of your single days. Plus, a daybed quickly transforms back into a couch as soon as your guests head home.

3. All-in-One Game Center

Once your registry is filled, you'll be able to cook and clean until your heart is content. But why not suggest something fun to do at home? A game center will keep visiting friends happy for days and makes for an unexpected date night right in the comfort of your living room.

4. Filing Cabinet

A piece of furniture may be less than romantic, but you're going to start accumulating a lot of paperwork. From tax returns to your new marriage license, find one place that will store all of it, so you don't have to go hunting for your passport the next time you plan a big trip.

5. Throw Blankets

Similar to decorative pillows, you can sometimes hang onto blankets for too many years. Brighten up your living room or family room with a soft, new blanket for movie nights at home.

6. Comforter

When you're beginning your life together, consider a fresh start with a new comforter or duvet. Refreshing your bed with a new mattress and bedding will give you a clean slate as a couple and something relaxing to come home to after a long day at work.

7. China Cabinet

Now that you've remembered to register for elegant dinnerware for hosting guests (or your grandmother decided to give them to you anyway), you may be thinking where do you put them? Think ahead and buy a cabinet that you can use to store china and delicate glassware that might not fit in your kitchen cabinets.

Regardless of what you register for, don't forget to keep a pen and paper handy when you're opening gifts to write a thank you note on the spot. You'll be a step ahead of your post-wedding to-do list and you two can start putting your gifts to good use.

Happy registering!

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