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8 Rest-Assured Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

They say “a mother’s job is never done,” and as a mom – while it is the best “job” in the world – I can say it certainly requires a great deal of energy and patience. Raising children, trying to keep the floors toy-free, juggling work and schedules of the rest of my family – these are just a few of the things I include in my full-time job description. I have many great memories of my own mom also doing these things for me and my four siblings as we grew up. With my dad, she made sure we had opportunities to find and pursue our passions (I loved playing volleyball) and they continue to support us as we’ve grown up and started our own families.

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Each year as Mother’s Day quickly approaches, I begin the hunt to find or make that perfect gift that my mom will appreciate and shows how thankful I am for all that she does for our family. Over the years, I have gifted her a wide range of presents. From the early days of handmade cards that have been spritzed with perfume; to a variety of jewelry pieces that add to her drool-worthy collection (we call her the turquoise lady); to pictures of special moments with the grandkids (they love their Kiki). Now that I’m a mom to my own two children, Ruxin and Remy, I love receiving sweet but simple gifts like bear hugs, sloppy kisses and even handmade notes and jewelry. I may never wear the macaroni necklace that was created in class (I inherited my mom’s penchant for statement jewelry. I can’t help it.); but, there’s something so touching about those little hands working on a gift of love and the toothy smile that comes across his face when he presents the brightly colored string surrounded with pasta. Daddy usually follows the crunchy masterpiece with a one-of-a-kind piece from my favorite local jewelry store, Jay Landa. A gift to fill my heart and a gift to fill my wardrobe…a perfect match.

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I’ve gifted and received many types of presents. Since I am a Sleep Happy expert, I usually suggest something to help with the one thing that seems to allude us all, especially moms. With all the hustle and bustle being a mom requires, sleep is at times the only thing we really desire. Am I right mamas? We need a little R&R every now and then, to say the least, as sleep deprivation is synonymous with parenting (at least in the early years). Rest is critical to keep your immune system in check, and to be able to keep up with the kids all day (and through the elaborate bedtime routine). Who knew 3–year-olds could find so many excuses to come out of their rooms? Here are eight of my favorite rest-assured Mother’s Day gift ideas that your mom is sure to appreciate and use every day. Or, take a page from my mom’s book and use these to create a beautiful basket.

  1. I cannot stress the importance of a pillow more. It’s the bed for your head. Why not surround it with a relaxing scent of fresh lavender in a Lux Living Lavender Bliss pillow. Memory foam pillows provide plush support and its breathable material helps regulate temperature, ensuring your mom catch some Zzzz.
  2. Looking good in your dreams is no laughing matter. Gift mom a set of new pajamas made from her favorite material. Soft knit jersey fabric always gets me in the mood for some great sleep!
  3. I know essential oils seem like the latest trend, but the diffuser has been around for a while. It can help mom get a little burst of energy and refreshment without having to leave the house or create a calming spa-like environment. Sounds great, right?
  4. Get crafty and gift mom handmade “Sleep Certificates” as her dream ticket to a full night’s sleep without the worry of tending to the kids. She could really benefit from a solid eight hours of sleep! If crafty isn’t your thing, you can make up for the barley legible gift certificate with a night away at a cute boutique hotel.
  5. Not all sleep styles are created equal. If mom tends to toss and turn at night because she can’t find the optimal sleep position, an adjustable base could be the perfect bedroom accessory. Plus, it makes family movie night even better.
  6. Cook up some sleep for mom. Prepare an evening meal with foods that help you sleep – like fish, jasmine rice and veggies – according to Eatingwell.com. Not only will you be her personal chef for the night, you’ll be her sleep aid, as well (and she’ll appreciate that!).
  7. Have you replaced every eight? Gifting mom a new mattress, mattress protector, luxurious pillow, or new set of Dream Fit sheets will aid in rejuvenating her sleep and immune system so she sleeps happy and healthy every night.
  8. Taking a bath or shower before going to bed can help mom de-stress and relax her muscles. Gifting her a new stainless steel shower head with various water settings, including a massage setting, will have her sleeping soundly.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, be sure to get mom the gift that she’s been dreaming about – a great night’s sleep! Now is a great time to save money on your sleep gifts to mom when you print and use our exclusive Friends & Family 20% off coupon for your next Mattress Firm purchase before May 5. Worried about how to choose a mattress for mom? Come and see our sleep happy experts in-store for help every step of the way. What will you surprise mom with this year? Leave your suggestions in the comment thread below.

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