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Make Your Empty Nest Welcoming for Guests

How to Transition Your College Student's Bedroom

For thousands of parents across the country, you have recently packed up your children’s belongings, moved them into a college dorm and bid adieu as they start a new chapter of life.

With that empty nest also comes more open space in your home. While maybe not immediately, at some point, you’ll likely want to convert your son or daughter’s room into a guest bedroom.

While tackling your kid’s room may seem daunting after 18 years of him living there, there are plenty of easy changes that can transform the room and make it a cozy and welcoming guest space.

Step 1: Think About Who You Plan to Host

To start off you will want to consider who will be staying in the bedroom, and how often you plan to have visitors in your home. You’ll want to keep in mind how comfortable they will be visiting by asking yourself a few questions.

Do you have young grandchildren, nieces or nephews who will be making more frequent overnight visits as they grow older?

If so, rethink your first impulse to ditch the twin beds. It might make more sense to keep the child-sized beds and make the space super kid-friendly with the addition of toys and games.

Will you be entertaining mostly couples?

This is your opportunity to upgrade older bedroom furniture and adding a larger bed with a queen mattress or king  mattress, making the room more welcoming for two. Even consider a wall bed such as a murphy bed to open up the space during the months your guests aren’t around.

Do your guests have medical or physical needs?

Adjustable beds are comfortable for sleepers with chronic pain or sleep disorders, as well as the average sleeper looking for more than average comfort. It’s a simple and effective way to upgrade your sleep space while giving guests VIP treatment with the simple push of a button to best suit their sleep needs.

Step 2: Add Your Personal Touch to the Room

Make sure the  bedding is also in suitable condition for any guests sleeping there since your in-laws might not appreciate those Superman sheets as much as your child once did.  Determine the bedding that is right for your guests, taking into consideration how you will launder and care for the bed sheets after hosting your guests.

Another quick and affordable upgrade is to start with fresh paint on the walls. In doing so, you’ll likely find it is time to remove your teenager’s old concert posters.

Step 3: Clear Out the Clutter

Make sure you give your kid the opportunity to clean everything out themselves next time they are home, so that way they can keep anything sentimental from their childhood bedroom. College life is a big adjustment for your child and you want to make them feel welcome when they come back home.

As you and your daughter move items out of the room, think about the  Feng Shui philosophy of dealing with clutter to make the room a tranquil and peaceful place for guests. Don’t just stuff their belongings into a spare closet or attic.

Knowing that your college student will still be in and out of town for holidays, it’s also important to keep some of the personal touches in your home that let your kid feel at home, no matter her age or life stage.

Another thing to consider when making over a bedroom is if the room needs a new mattress. With college tuition bills piling up, upgrading the extra room may not seem possible at this time. Luckily, we’ve change the way we price our products. As the largest mattress retailer in America, we can get you the perfect bed at the perfect price to help stretch your budget. Our Mattress Firm employees are happy to help you find exactly what you need for your redesigned bedroom at home.

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