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How to Upgrade Your Sleep Without Upgrading Your Mattress

When we kick off a new year, we tend to shuffle out the things in our lives that held us back the year before. These things may include getting rid of a little extra weight, ditching that friend who consistently holds you back or addressing your fatigue that drastically effects your work productivity. Like we've mentioned before, it's important to pay attention to the quality of our sleep as we think about resolutions for 2017.

One major factor that weighs into sleep quality is, of course, a mattress! We always stress how important it is to replace your mattress every eight years, but what if you find yourself tossing, turning and uncomfortable throughout the night and your mattress is only a few years old? It may be time for an upgrade. An accessory upgrade!

Investing in bedding accessories is a great way to revamp your sleep, especially when it's not quite time for a new mattress. From mattress toppers to adjustable frames, even the tiniest tweak can make the world of difference in your sleep.

Here are some of our favorite ways to upgrade our sleep without ditching the mattress:

New sheets and pillows

Sometimes all it takes is a new set of sheets to make it feel like you're snoozing in a completely different bed. Maybe your sheets are a nuisance that don't fit your mattress properly or your pillows don't support you, literally. You may find that this is all you need to ramp your sleep back to 100%. Break away from what you're used to; instead of the typical jersey sheets go for a high thread count or snag that memory foam pillow you've always had your eye on.

Mattress toppers

If your mattress is just a little too firm or not quite holding its shape, we suggest trying out a mattress topper. A good mattress topper can make you believe you are sleeping on a brand new mattress for a fraction of the price. Mattress Firm has everything from pillow-top to memory foam, and there are a variety of options out there to fit every sleeper's needs.

Adjustable frames

Adjustable frames are great for partners who have different sleep preferences or for people who can't sleep lying flat like a board. You can adjust the bed's frame so your head and feet are at your preferred height. Take control of your comfort!

It's important to recognize all the ways we can improve our sleep quality aside from getting a new mattress. Just like every New Year's resolutions, sometimes the smallest adjustments is all it takes. In other words, stop eating after 9:00 p.m., focus on the positive relationships in your life and take notice of what you need to do to improve how you sleep each night. With minimal effort, these tiny tweaks can make your 2017 the best year yet!

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