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One Simple Way for New Parents to Get More Sleep

Anyone who's had a baby knows that the phrase “I slept like a baby” is wildly inaccurate. But, hard as it may be to come by, sleep is important for both baby and new parents. And, after you've tried it all (crib in your room, baby in bed with you, both of you on a recliner), there is one simple, productive solution to help you and the newborn sleep perfectly: putting a bed for yourself in your baby's nursery.

Does it have to be a $5,000, top-of-the-line mattress with built-in temperature control? It can be, but placing an additional bed in your baby's nursery doesn't need to be over the top. When you main concern is having a place where you can sleep comfortably while your baby snoozes, functionality and comfort is key. To eliminate the 2, 3 and 4 am runs down the hall to rock your baby back to sleep, a new bed could mean more well-rested awake time during the day and more quality time for you and your new baby.

When it's possible to find a mattress for as low as $149, here are some of the benefits of adding a second bed in your baby's nursery:

Why You Should Consider Having a Bed in your Nursery

Having an extra place to rest close to your baby can help alleviate sleep deprivation for you, because you'll always be there with your baby. It's a spot to rest during those stubborn, fussy nights and can help with postpartum separation.

Additionally, sleep training a baby can be challenging if you're forced to run down the hall several times a night. Monitoring the clock and making sure your little one is out like a light each night is easier with a bed in the room.

And, the most fun reason for a bed in the nursery is the possibility of inviting more of your children in for a sleepover—especially if a sibling is going through a bout of jealousy with his or her new brother or sister. By sleeping closer to the baby, you can help helps grow your relationship all without sacrificing one of nature's demands—sleep.

As with any other mattress purchase, this doesn't need to be a break-the-bank project. You can get a bed within your budget and sleep better knowing your baby is, too. Just make sure to “encourage” your significant other to take you out to dinner while he or she is sprawled out comfortably in the king bed. ?

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Happy sleeping!

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