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Four Tips for Getting to Sleep When You're Excited for Santa

It's easy to understand why Christmas Eve is one of the most sleepless nights of the year. With excitement at an all-time high and Christmas morning just hours away, catching some Zzz's can be harder to come by.

Because Christmas Day will be filled with tinsel and treats, it's easy for us to skip out on a good night's rest in favor of restlessly wondering about what the next day has in store. As the night before Christmas approaches, remember these sleep tips and we're sure that you'll be snoozing before the reindeer hit your rooftop.

1. Lay off the sweets.


Sure, it's tough, but try to limit your sweets intake and leave the cookies for Santa. Sugar can give you an unexpected spike of energy, especially at night. Before you know it, those holiday sweets will have you up all night, binge-watching your favorite Christmas specials until morning.

Instead, settle for a cup of hot chocolate in the early afternoon or even better, sip on some sleepy-time tea as it gets later.

2. Stick to your routine.


With the time off from work and school, it can be easy to stray from the schedule you're accustomed to. But even on your days off, it's important to have a consistent routine and Christmas Eve is no different. Even if you are packed into a guest bedroom with friends or family members, try to keep to your normal bedtime rituals.

Although you may be putting on your holiday PJs, sticking to your normal bedtime and wind-down routine will help remind your brain that bedtime is soon, even on such a busy night.

3. Binge-watch Home Alone another time.


We take holiday movies very seriously, but electronics and bedtime shouldn't mix. Although there are certain holiday classics that you can't live without, try to watch your favorite movies well before bedtime. Watching TV or using electronics right before you go to sleep can actually make you stay up later.

The blue light from these screens can disrupt our sleeping habits, which can make falling asleep difficult. We suggest you avoid a "blue" Christmas and lots of complaints from the kids, by finishing your holiday movie marathon at least an hour before bed.

4. Turn your bedroom into a holiday haven.


Bundle up and get cozy. After all, this is a cold, winter night. Even with the heat on full-blast, there is nothing like a warm blanket to help you drift off to sleep.

Before you get in bed, don't forget to close your blinds to shut out that extra light from your neighbor's Christmas decorations. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night from a distracting holiday display.



Happy Holidays!

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