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6 Sleep Accessories for Soon-to-be Moms

My fellow moms out there know how hard it is to get the recommended daily dose of quality sleep during pregnancy. Our bodies undergo constant change during these months, and things that may help aid your sleep at the beginning of your pregnancy may not work toward the end. From finding the right assortment of pillows – and often the more the better – to deciding whether or not to wake up your spouse in the middle of the night to turn the fan on, pregnancy is a different experience for every woman.

You might notice something you do or eat before going to sleep helps keep your eyes closed longer, making you feel more refreshed and awake the next morning. For me, having a supportive mattress and pillows between my legs, behind my back and under my head helped tremendously! I also enjoyed a glass of chocolate milk every night and saltine crackers every morning. (We all have our cravings!)

When I was pregnant with my second child – my daughter, Remy – I quickly realized that gone were the days when I could take a nap or enjoy some “me-time” after a long day at work, both of which are needed when you’re pregnant. So, I forced myself go to bed right after my son, Ruxin, was asleep so I could get enough shut-eye.

Sleep is critical for a healthy, happy life – especially when you’re pregnant. Here are a few of the go-to sleep accessories and tips that helped me get a better night’s sleep while I was sleeping with a bump.

Sleep Accessories for Pregnancy

  1. Consider a maternity pillow for extra support every night. If the maternity pillow takes up too much room (especially when you know you’re already leaving less space than normal for your spouse), keep some extra regular and cooling pillows nearby to surround your body to relieve pressure points and regulate body temperature.
  2. If it’s been eight years since you replaced your mattress, consider a cooling mattress to help minimize those hot flashes.
  3. An adjustable mattress base can help when you need to elevate those swollen feet. If you’re experiencingvaricose veins, having an adjustable base can help you meet the required minimum number of hours that the doctor recommends keeping your feet above your heart. Also, a base with a vibration feature can help minimize these blood clots as it keeps your blood pumping; plus, we could all use a massage every now andthen.
  4. Keep your prenatal vitamins by your bedside. Try taking them at night instead of earlier in the day to help with morning sickness!
  5. Make moisturizing part of your night time routine. While it helps minimize belly stretch marks, the scent will also serve to relax you and help you unwind before bed. Pick a scent that you respond to, but I like Burt’s Bees Mama Bee belly butter and Palmer’s Coca Butter.
  6. Invest in a good pair of slippers and keep them by your bedside so that you’re ready for all those late night bathroom runs. (They will happen a lot!)

Needless to say, sleeping with a bump is no easy task, so consider upping your sleep game and create a bed time sanctuary with a few sleep accessories during your pregnancy.

Happy sleeping!

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